ADN-Any Day NowAFAIK-As Far As I Know
AFKBRB-Away From Keyboard, Be Right BackAOL-America On Line
ASAP-As Soon As PossibleBAD-Broken As Designed
BBL-Be Back LaterBBS-Bulletin Board System
BF-Boy FriendB4N-Bye For Now
BFN-Bye For NowBL-Belly Laugh(ing)
BMN-But Maybe NotBRB-Be Right Back
BTA-But Then AgainBTW-By The Way
CU-See YouCUL-See You Later
CYA-See Ya!DTRT-Do The Right Thing
EOT-End Of ThreadF2F-Face To Face
FAQ-Frequently Asked QuestionFITB-Fill In The Blank
FTP-File Transfer ProtocolFWIW-For What It's Worth
FYI-For Your InformationGAL-Get A Life
GF-Girl FriendGIF-Graphics Interchange Format
GIGO-Garbage In, Garbage OutGIWIST-Gee, I Wish I Said That
GMTA-Great Minds Think AlikeHELP-Helping Energetic Little People
HTML-Hypertext Markup LanguageHTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IAC-In Any CaseIAE-In Any Event
IC-I SeeILY-I Love You
IMCO-In My Considered OpinionIME-In My Experience
IMHO-In My Honest/Humble OpinionIMO-In My Opinion
INPO-In No Particular OrderIOW-In Other Words
IP-Internet ProtocolIRL-In Real Life
ISP-Internet Service ProviderITC-It's The Coolest!
JFYI-Just For Your InformationJIC-Just In Case
JTYWTK-Just Thought You Wanted To KnowKMA-Kiss My A**
KMYF-Kiss Me You FoolKWIM-Know What I Mean?
LJBF-Let's Just Be FriendsLMAO-Laughing My A** Off
LMHO-Laughing My Head OffLMK-Let Me Know
LOL-Laughing Out LoudLTNS-Long Time No See
MIL-Mother-In-LawMOTD-Message Of The Day
MOTSS-Member Of The Same SexMUD-Multi-User Dimension/Dungeon
NBD-No Big DealNBIF-No Basis In Fact
NNTP-Network News Transfer ProtocolNOYB-None Of Your Business
NSF-National Science FoundationOHDH-Old Habits Die Hard
OIC-Oh, I SeeOTL-Out To Lunch
OTOH-On The Other HandPGP-Pretty Good Privacy
PMBI-Pardon My Butting InPMFJI-Pardon Me For Jumping In
POP-Post Office ProtocolPOV-Point Of View
PPP-Point-to-Point ProtocolPTB-Powers That Be
RE-RegardingRL-Real Life (as opposed to Net.Life)
ROFL-Rolling On the Floor LaughingROTFLMAO-Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A** Off
RPG-Role Playing GamesRS-Real Soon
RSVP-Respondez S'il Vous Plait (please reply)RTFM-Read The F***ing Manual
SFLA-Stupid Four Letter AcronymSIG-Special Interest Group
SLIP-Serial Line Interface ProtocolSMTP-Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SO-Significant OtherSPAM-Sending Particularly Annoying Messages
SYSOP-the SYStem OPeratorTAFN-That's All For Now
TCP-Transmission Control ProtocolTGIF-Thank God It's Friday
TIA-Thanks In AdvanceTIC-Tongue In Cheek
TLA-Three Letter Acronym TTBOMK-To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN-Ta Ta For NowTTYL-Talk To You Later
TWF-That Was FunUL-Urban Legend
URL-Universal Resource LocatorsVR-Virtual Reality
WAIS-Wide Area Information SearchWB-Welcome Back
WC-WelcomeWFM-Works For Me
WRT-With Regard ToWTF-What The F***
WTG-Way To GoWWW-World Wide Web
WWWW-World Wide Web WaitingWYSIWYG-What You See Is What You Get
YABA-Yet Another Bloody AcronymYADA-Yet Another Dumb Acronym
YMBJ-You Must Be Joking!YMMV-Your Mileage May Vary


:-)   Smiley            '-)    Wink
:-, Smirk :-D Big Smile
:-I Hmmm... :^D Great Idea!
:-& Tongue Tied I-{ Good Grief
:-} Yum Yum 8-o No Way
%-) Bug-Eyed :-[) Mustache
;-) Crying :-@ Sreaming
(-: I'm Left-handed 8-) I Wear Glasses
I-I Sleeping I-O Yawning
:-/ Skeptical 3:) My Pet
C:# Football Player :-() Ouch
:-( Frown-Unhappy :) Ha-ha!
I-) Hee-hee! I-D Ho-ho!
:/) It's Not Funny (:-& You're Angry
:-" Pursing Your Lips :,-( Crying
[] Giving a Hug (:-( Sad
:-X Giving a Kiss :-P No Way
:@ What? <:-) Dunce
:>) Big Nose &:-) Curly Hair
#:-) Matted Hair O:-) What an Angel
=:-) Punk Rocker >;-> Learing
>:-( Anger 8-O Shock
I-O Yawn :) Midget Smiley
8-] Wow, Man C=:-) Chef
:-O Wow!-You're Shouting-I'm Shocked
:-C Totally Unbelievable!-Really Unhappy
:-* Oooops! (or Kiss)
:-r Tongue Hangin' Out
:-T Keeping A Straight Face
:-# My Lips Are Sealed
:-S I'm Totally Confused
{:-) Wearing Stereo Headphones
<:-D It's My Birthday
:-P Panting in Anticipation
~~:-( Just Got Flamed!
:-> Hey-hey, Sh**-eating Grin
:*) Just Clowning Around
:-! You Put Your Foot In Your Mouth
:-J Said With Tongue In Cheek
:-b Sticking My Tongue Out
:-x Not Saying A Word
d:-o Hats Off To A Good Idea
:-l Playing a Harmonica
:-* Eating Something Bitter
:-6 Eating Something Sour
&:-) Person With Curly Hair
:-(=) Person With Big Teeth
:/ Smiling Mary Jo Buttafucco
<{:-)} Message In A Bottle
@>->-- Offering A Rose
:-)} Guy Wearing A Tie

Word Smileys

  • {amazed}
  • {angrily}
  • {applauding}
  • {big grin} or just plain {G}
  • {blush}
  • {chuckle}
  • {crying}
  • {frown}
  • {getting on/off my soapbox}
  • {giggle}
  • {grin} or just plain {g}
  • {laughing}
  • raising eyebrows
  • {silly grin}
  • {smile}
  • {smirk}
  • {snicker}
  • {wink}

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