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Your webpage is almost finished, but you need one more thing to make it more personal. Below you will find some great links to pages full of music for your listening pleasure, for putting on your homepage, and a few sites that are just fun to visit. Do keep in mind that some of these sites welcome you to use their material, while others have copyrights or ask you not to use their material. When in doubt - check it out.

Midi Links

Internet Midi Center
Pop And Rock
MidiMight Old Midi Files
Soundspace: WAVs
The Filecity Midi File Archive
WebThumper's Midi Page
Index of /ati/ttd/ttdmids/
Index of /midifiles/Movie_Soundtracks
Classical MIDI Archives: Look up the Composer and hear the music
The Classical MIDI Connection: More classical selections
Patriotic Midis and Marches
Americana: Patriotic & State Songs
Ultimate MIDI Page: New 1999 Additions
Tunes of the 50s and 60s: Wave file links
Draac's Mucho Midis: WebTV Friendly
Laura's MIDI Heaven: Free for the taking
The MIDI Farm: Huge selection
American Recordings
High Quality Midi Archive
Ultimate MIDI Page: International MIDI Music
CF Midi Center: Blues, Jazz, Classic, Pop & Turkish
Jim's Midi Links: Alphabetized Listings of Singers and Groups Midis
Drew's MIDI Wish List
The Rock MIDI Page
MIDI World International
The Cyberspace Inn
The Midi Archive
MaidMarian25's Interludes
Maria's Midiverse
Surf on MIDI Files
Standard MIDI Files on the Net
Dave's MIDI Warehouse

MIDI Searches

MIDI Search Engine
Top 25 MIDI Sites
Searching the Internet for a certain MIDI File

Movie Music Links

Moviemaniac's MIDI Magic: Movie Themes
MP3 Music (Theme Song) & MPEG Video
Music Appreciation --Movie Theme Songs
Soundtrack Resource Center
The Movie Sounds Page
The very best Midi - Movies Movie Sounds TV and Movie Midis
Wave Theme Songs Homepage
Hollywood Online: Movie Tunes
Movie Midis A-G
TV, Movie and Jingles MIDIs
The Disney Song Collection: Links
Disney4me Music Page
iMusic - Tarzan (animated) Movie/Soundtrack

Musical Links

Bell Labs Text-to-Speech: Write a word/phrase and hear it in sounds or foreign language.
The International Lyrics Server: Find your favorite song lyrics!
Infoseek/Once you know, you know.: Lyrics for the Theme Song from "Underdog"
RealNetworks: The Home of RealAudio & RealVideo
The WWW Virtual Keyboard: Play the Piano - one note at a time...

Karaoke and Jukebox MIDI Links

Moviemaniac's MIDI Magic: Midi Karaoke
On The Net: Music Room: Karaoke
Karaoke Alphabetic Songlist
Karaoke Songbook Page
Country Time Karaoke
Midi Karaoke!
Karaoke Heaven!
Raven's Karaoke Page
General MIDI Files: kfiles
Midi Juke
Twisted Tunes RA 2.0: Jukebox
Ralph's Jukebox: Music, MIDIs and More: Original Songs, MIDIs & Fun Stuff
JP's Jukebox

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