Things don't make much sense...

I am interested in oxymorons...things that, really, when you think about them, don't make much sense. This started after I saw that sign: SLO CHILDREN. I always thought - well, you know. And then there were more examples, like:

Act Naturally
Almost Exactly
Almost Perfect
Alone Together
Bad Health
Better Than New
Black Light
Business Ethics
Civil War
Clearly Misunderstood
Death Benefits
Definite Maybe
Diet Ice Cream
Dry Ice
Dry Wine
Evaporated Milk
Exact Estimate
Extra Time
Feminine Logic
First Annual
Found Misssing
Free with Purchase
Freezer Burn
Friendly Arguement
Friendly Fire
Genuine Imitation
Good Grief
Graduate Student
Half Dead
Half Empty/Full
Happily Married
Hard Water
Hot Water Heater
Ill Health
Industrial Park
Irate Patient

Jumbo Shrimp
Legally Drunk
Living Dead
Mandatory Option
Marital Bliss
Medium Large
Military Intelligence
Minor Disaster
Minor Miracle
Near Miss
Never Again
Non-stop Flight
Old News
One Size Fits All
Organized Mess
Pretty Ugly
Quite a Few
Random Order
Recently New
Resident Alien
Rolling Stop
Safe Risk
Safe Sex
Same Difference
Second Best
Silent Scream
Small Crowd
Strangely Familiar
Student Teacher
Sure Bet
Sweet Sorrow
Taped Live
Terribly Pleased
True Tale
War Games
Working Vacation

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And sent in:
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