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I love playing practical jokes and I love being on the receiving end of a good practical joke. I am particularly interested in practical jokes on the Internet. Sending e-mail that really makes someone's day or sending them to a URL that isn't exactly what it seems. I haven't found too many sites that offer this kind of harmless pranking but in my quests to find the very best in Internet Practical Jokes I will add what I have found to this page. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have found a site that tickles your funny bone and can be used for this page, or if you have had success using any one of these sites. Thank you!
* Activegrams-Free animated greetings
* A Virtual Greeting-Virtual Wedgie
* Build a bogus headline or send a postcard from your virtual vacation
* Fake mail, pranks and gags
* Barking Cards - Animated Greetings with attitude
* Animated E-Musicbox Greetings
* OH MY GOODNESS-Funny e-mail cards, Titanic, Crazy Kamasutra, Flasher Postcards, Cyber Condoms, Recycled Gifts, Romance.
* Awesome Cyber Greeting Cards & Postcards & Awesome Awards.
* What's In A Name?
* "Magic Camera".
* Pointless Clicking.
* Hemelweb's facts about your Birthday.
* Send someone on a virtual vacation
* Fortune Cookie.
* Potty Break.
* Fart Calendar.
* Stress Management.
* Mr. Poot.
Here are some links to some of my favorite humor sites on the Internet:
* Comic Relief-Lots Laughs-Links
* Cybercheeze-Humor Categories
* Carla's Humor Page
* Grown-up Stuff!
* Humor
* Quotes, Facts, and More Stuff
* Sick Twisted Jokes from the Mining Company
* A Dog Called "Sex".
* Twist-Start the day with a little mystery.

If you have an interesting page to add here, please e-mail: moviemaniac@webtv.net
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