1520-1Absolute Power (97-R-2:03)
1564-2Addicted To Love (97-R-1:42)
1665-1Affliction (99-R-1:56)
1706-3After Alice (99-R-1:39)
1610-4The Alarmist (98-R-1:32)
1733-4Albino Alligator (99-R-1:35)
1616-1Alien: Resurrection (97-R-1:45)
1530-2Alien Chaser (97-R-1:39)
1677-4Almost Heroes (98-PG13-1:32)
1628-2Always Outnumbered Always Outgunned (98-R-1:50)
1534-1American Chinatown (96-R-1:25)
1662-1American History X (98-R-2:00)
1509-4American Samurai (95-R-1:33)
1531-2American Shaolin: King Of The Kickboxers II (93-PG13-1:46)
1612-3An American Werewolf In Paris (98-R-1:36)
1613-3Amistad (97-R-2:35)
1571-3Anaconda (97-PG13-1:31)
1532-2Andrew Dice Clay: One Night With Dice (89-R-:47)
1697-4Android (83-PG-1:20)
1534-3Angels & Insects (96-NR-1:57)
1678-2Another Day In Paradise (98-R-1:40)
1547-3The Apocalypse (96-R-1:35)
1600-2The Apostle (98-PG13-2:15)
1688-2Arlington Road (99-R-1:59)
1682-2Arrival II (98-R-1:42)
1539-3Art Of Dying (90-NR-1:37)
1545-2Asteroid (97-NR-2:05)
1698-2The Astronaut's Wife (99-R-1:51)
1503-1...At First Sight (95-R-1:28)
1662-2At First Sight (98-PG13-2:11)
1608-4The Avengers (98-PG13-1:31)
1663-3Baby Geniuses (99-PG-1:33)
1680-4Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure (98-G-1:19)
1720-3The Bachelor (99-PG13-1:40)
1543-3Back In Business (96-R-1:32)
1557-3B.A.P.S. (97-PG13-1:30)
1576-3Barabbas (62-NR-2:24)
1513-4Barb Wire (96-UR-1:52)
1608-3BASEketball (98-R-1:40)
1500-3Basquiat (96-R-1:44)
1685-4Batman Beyond - Disappearing Inque (99-NR-1:02)
1702-2Bats (99-PG13-1:29)
1620-2Bella Mafia (97-R-2:00)
1660-4Belly (98-R-1:32)
1657-3Beloved (98-R-2:53)
1727-3Beowolf (99-R-1:29)
1721-1Best Laid Plans (99-R-1:28)
1699-2The Best Man (99-R-2:02)
1723-4Best of Autopsy: A Sex Crimes Special (00-NR-1:00)
1534-4The Best Of Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live (89-NR-1:20)
1513-1Beverly Hills Ninja (97-PG13-1:27)
1542-1Beyond Darkness (92-R-1:36)
1576-2Beyond Justice (90-R-1:48)
1653-4Big Daddy (99-PG13-1:31)
1627-2The Big Hit (98-R-1:30)
1640-3The Big One (98-PG13-1:30)
1529-4The Big Squeeze (96-NR-1:39)
1623-4Billboard Dad (98-G-1:29)
1609-4Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (98-R-1:34)
1667-4Biography: Jimmy Stewart
1678-4Biography: Stephen King
1522-4Bird Of Prey (96-R-1:43)
1706-1Black and White (98-R-1:36)
1636-4Black Dog (98-PG13-1:29)
1607-1Blade (98-R-2:02)
1518-1Blast (96-R-1:38)
1667-1Blast From The Past (99-PG13-1:54)
1627-4Bleeders (98-R-1:28)
1532-1Bloodsport III (97-NR-1:31)
1512-4Bloody Wednesday (85-R-1:34)
1630-3Body Count (97-R-1:26)
1723-3Body Shots (99-R-1:42)
1715-1The Bone Collector (99-R-1:59)
1685-3Bone Daddy (98-NR-1:29)
1609-3Boogie Boy (98-R-1:43)
1641-3Boogie Nights (97-R-2:31)
1560-2Born Yesterday (51-NR-1:44)
1530-3Bottle Rocket (96-R-1:31)
1702-3Bowfinger (99-PG13-1:32)
1629-4The Boxer (98-R-1:55)
1701-3Boy Meets Girl (98-NR-1:35)
1652-2Brassed Off (97-R-1:40)
1524-5Breach Of Trust (96-R-1:35)
1703-4Breakfast of Champions (99-R-1:50)
1645-3Breaking Up (97-R-1:29)
1684-1Breaking Up (99-R-1:39)
1531-3Breathing Fire (90-NR-1:25)
1661-1Bride Of Chucky (98-R-1:27)
1684-2Bridge Of Dragons (99-R-1:23)
1673-1A Bright Shining Lie (98-R-2:00)
1719-3Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis (98-NR-1:33)
1727-1Brokedown Palace (99-PG13-1:42)
1652-3Broken English (97-NC17-1:31)
1558-3The Brylcreem Boys (97-NR-1:33)
1632-2Buffalo '66 (98-R-1:52)
1504-3Bullet (96-R-1:34)
1509-1Bullets Over Broadway (94-R-1:38)
1558-2Bullet To Beijing (97-R-1:44)
1647-2Bulworth (98-R-1:48)
1530-1A Business Affair (93-R-1:41)
1566-3Busted (97-R-1:26)
1620-1The Butcher Boy (98-R-1:52)
1630-2Cafe Society (97-R-1:45)
1563-3Call Of The Wild (92-NR-1:39)
1510-2Canadian Bacon (95-PG-1:33)
1673-2Can't Hardly Wait (98-PG13-1:48)
1542-2The Carpenter (87-R-1:25)
1582-1Casper - A Spirited Beginning (97-PG-1:33)
1638-2Casper Meets Wendy (98-NR-1:33)
1683-4The Castle (99-R-1:25)
1640-1Catherine's Grove (98-R-1:30)
1547-1Cats Don't Dance (97-G-1:17)
1643-4The Chain (96-R-1:31)
1617-1Chairman Of The Board (98-PG13-1:34)
1610-2Champions (97-R-1:38)
1597-2Chasing Amy (97-R-1:55)
1578-1China White (91-R-1:38)
1682-4Chris Rock: Bigger And Blacker (99-R-1:06)
1566-2Chung King Express (94-PG13-1:42)
1534-2Circuit Breaker (96-R-1:26)
1652-1City Of Industry (97-R-1:35)
1665-2A Civil Action (98-PG13-1:56)
1680-1Clay Pigeons (98-R-1:41)
1624-1Clockwatchers (98-R-1:35)
1639-4Club Vampire (98-R-1:19)
1651-3Cold Around The Heart (97-R-1:34)
1577-4Cold Fever (95-NR-1:28)
1542-3Cold Heaven (92-R-1:42)
1536-1The Cold Light Of Day (96-NR-1:40)
1524-2Comic Relief The Great Blooper Caper (91-NR-:45)
1627-3The Con (98-PG13-1:33)
1511-3Consenting Adults (92-R-1:40)
1599-2Conspiracy Theory (97-R-2:17)
1541-2Contact (97-PG-2:31)
1556-1Contagious (97-PG13-1:31)
1688-3Cookie's Fortune (99-PG13-2:00)
1704-1A Cool, Dry Place (98-PG13-1:38)
1646-1Cop Land (97-R-1:41)
1728-3The Corruptor (99-R-1:51)
1607-2Cousin Bette (98-R-1:50)
1550-2Crackdown (96-R-1:34)
1546-3Crash (96-NC17-1:39)
1732-1Crazy in Alabama (99-PG13-1:54)
1535-1Crimetime (96-R-2:00)
1515-1The Crucible (96-PG13-2:05)
1500-4The Crude Oasis (95-R-1:20)
1697-1Cruel Intentions (99-R-1:37)
1604-1Cube (98-R-1:28)
1562-1Cupid (96-R-1:34)
1529-3Curse Of The Crystal Eye (93-R-1:16)
1624-4Curse Of The Puppet Master (98-R-1:30)
1505-3Daddy's Girl (96-R-1:34)
1677-1Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (98-PG-1:37)
1615-3Dance With Me (98-G-2:09)
1726-4Dancing at Lughnasa (98-PG-1:35)
1548-1Dante's Peak (97-PG13-1:43)
1618-2Dark City (98-R-1:38)
1537-3Dark Side Of Genius (94-R-1:29)
1565-3Dawn Of The Dead (78-R-2:06)
1684-3The Day Of The Beast (95-R-1:39)
1554-3The Daytrippers (95-R-1:26)
1512-3Deadbolt (92-R-1:35)
1670-2Dead End (98-R-1:34)
1519-1Deadly Outbreak (95-R-1:25)
1606-2Dead Man On Campus (98-R-1:36)
1562-4Dead Man Walking (87-R-1:30)
1510-4Death Becomes Her (93-PG13-1:45)
1578-4Death Spa (90-NR-1:26)
1714-3Deep Blue Sea (99-R-1:46)
1666-3The Deep End Of The Ocean (99-PG13-1:50)
1628-1Deep Impact (98-PG13-2:02)
1650-3Deep Rising (98-R-1:42)
1709-2The Deli (97-NR-1:35)
1708-3The Delivery (99-R-1:37)
1566-1The Demolitionist (95-R-1:33)
1707-4Denis Leary - No Cure For Cancer (92-NR-1:03)
1590-2Dennis The Menace Strikes Again (98-G-1:14)
1659-1The Dentist 2 - Brace Yourself (98-R-1:38)
1590-4Desperate Measures (98-R-1:42)
1567-4Desperate Remedies (94-R-1:33)
1511-2Detonator (93-R-1:38)
1733-3Detroit Rock City (99-R-1:36)
1695-5Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (99-R-1:30)
1597-3Devil's Advocate (97-R-2:26)
1548-2The Devil's Own (97-R-1:50)
1732-2Dick (99-PG13-1:37)
1511-1Diggstown (92-R-1:37)
1640-4Dirty Work (98-PG13-1:25)
1550-3The Dogfighters (95-R-1:35)
1694-3Dogma (99-R-2:09)
1717-2A Dog of Flanders (99-PG-1:33)
1726-1Dog Park (98-R-1:29)
1708-4Do Not Disturb (99-PG13-1:37)
1502-2Don't Be A Menace... (96-R-1:26)
1608-2Double Edge (98-R-1:33)
1692-1Double Jeopardy (99-R-1:43)
1652-4Double Take (97-R-1:28)
1500-5Down Came A Blackbird (95-R-1:40)
1666-1Down In The Delta (99-PG13-1:58)
1714-1Down to You (00-PG13-1:30)
1518-2Dragon Fury II (95-R-1:26)
1586-2Dream For An Insomniac (98-R-1:27)
1543-2Dress Gray (86-NR-3:10)
1727-4Drive Me Crazy (99-PG13-1:29)
1734-2Drop Dead Gorgeous (99-PG13-1:39)
1623-1Drunks (95-NR-1:29)
1664-4Dudley Do-Right (99-PG-1:19)
1671-1Eden (98-R-1:49)
1595-1The Edge (97-R-1:58)
1688-1EDtv (99-PG13-2:04)
1701-1Eight Days a Week (97-R-1:28)
1655-38MM (99-R-2:06)
1653-3Election (99-R-1:41)
1525-1Elves (89-R-1:27)
1531-1Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark (88-PG13-1:36)
1517-3Empire Of The Spiritual Ninja (88-NR-1:32)
1731-2Enchanted (99-NR-1:37)
1673-3Enemy Of The State (98-R-2:14)
1694-1Entrapment (99-PG13-1:55)
1544-2Ernest Goes To Africa (97-PG-1:31)
1702-1Ernest in the Army (97-PG-1:25)
1675-3The Eternal (98-R-1:33)
1583-1Event Horizon (97-R-1:33)
1547-4Everyone Says I Love You (97-R-1:42)
1679-1Everything That Rises (98-NR-1:35)
1631-2Eve's Bayou (97-R-1:46)
1566-4Evil Has A Face (96-R-1:32)
1700-3Excellent Cadavers (99-R-1:25)
1651-1Excess Baggage (97-PG13-1:40)
1630-1Executive Target (97-R-1:33)
1689-3eXistenZ (99-R-1:36)
1556-2Exit In Red (96-R-1:35)
1572-2Exorcist II: The Heretic (77-R-1:59)
1656-4Extramarital (98-R-1:35)
1630-4Face The Evil (97-R-1:33)
1633-3The Faculty (98-R-1:44)
1644-1Fairy Tale: A True Story (97-PG-1:36)
1618-3Fallen (98-R-2:05)
1563-2A Far Off Place (93-PG-1:46)
1579-2Fast Money (95-R-1:32)
1561-2Fatal Combat (95-R-1:33)
1554-1Father's Day (97-PG13-1:38)
1722-3Feast of July (95-R-2:00)
1592-3The Fiance (96-R-1:32)
1513-2Fierce Creatures (97-PG13-1:32)
1565-2The 5th Element (97-PG13-2:07)
1622-454 (98-R-1:50)
1529-1Final Approach (91-R-1:39)
1577-3Final Justice (96-NR-1:32)
1712-3Finding Graceland (98-PG13-1:34)
1525-4The Finest Hour (92-R-1:47)
1623-2"...First Do No Harm" (97-PG13-1:34)
1539-2Fists Of Fury (71-R-1:41)
1713-3Five Aces (99-R-1:39)
1639-1The Fixer (98-NR-1:45)
1578-2Florida Straits (86-R-1:37)
1710-1Foolish (99-R-1:26)
1540-2Fools Rush In (96-PG13-1:47)
1676-3Forces Of Nature (99-PG13-1:47)
1693-3For Love of the Game (99-PG13-2:19)
1615-1For Richer Or Poorer (98-PG13-1:56)
1591-3For Roseanna (97-PG13-1:37)
1541-3Foxfire (96-R-1:43)
1576-1Fresh (94-R-1:55)
1509-3Friday (95-R-1:30)
1575-3From Beyond The Grave (73-PG-1:40)
1656-2From Dusk Till Dawn 2 - Texas Blood Money (98-R-1:26)
1695-1From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (99-R-1:32)
1577-1Fugitive Rage (96-R-1:29)
1728-1Funny Bones (95-R-2:09)
1522-1Gallagher - Melon Crazy (84-NR-1:00)
1581-1The Garden Of Redemption (97-PG13-1:39)
1590-3Gattaca (97-PG13-1:45)
1665-3The General's Daughter (99-R-1:58)
1711-2Get Bruce! (99-R-1:11)
1514-1Getting Away With Murder (96-NR-1:29)
1533-3Ghosts Of Mississippi (96-PG13-2:12)
1628-3Gia (98-R-2:08)
1562-2Girls Riot (88-R-1:43)
1523-2Ginger Ale Afternoon (89-R-1:27)
1682-3Gloria (98-R-1:47)
1571-2Glory Daze (97-R-1:39)
1711-3Go (99-R-1:41)
1683-1Gods And Monsters (98-R-1:44)
1638-3The Godson (98-PG13-1:39)
1690-2Goldrush (99-NR-1:31)
1718-1A Good Baby (98-NR-1:29)
1726-2Goodbye Lover (99-R-1:39)
1564-1The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (66-NR-2:43)
1709-3Goosed (99-NR-1:21)
1719-2Goosed (99-NR-1:20)
1602-2The Governess (98-R-1:54)
1664-3Grace & Glorie (98-NR-1:39)
1533-1Grace Of My Heart (97-R-1:53)
1546-2Grave Indiscretion (96-R-1:38)
1567-1The Great Elephant Escape (96-G-1:33)
1598-2Great Expectations (98-R-1:51)
1567-2The Great Land Of Small (86-G-1:30)
1501-1Gridlock'd (97-R-1:29)
1660-2Ground Control (98-R-1:29)
1728-2The Guilty (99-R-1:54)
1730-4Guinevere (99-R-1:47)
1658-4Gunfighter (97-NR-1:36)
1565-1Gunga Din (39-NR-1:59)
1707-3Gun Shy (00-R-1:39)