1646-4Half-Baked (98-R-1:24)
1638-4Halloween H2O (98-R-1:28)
1529-2Halloween - The Curse Of Michael Myers (96-R-1:27)
1560-4The Hand (81-R-1:14)
1672-2Happiness (98-UR-2:22)
1707-2Happy, Texas (99-PG13-1:37)
1551-3Hard Eight (97-R-1:39)
1613-1Hard Rain (98-R-1:35)
1725-4The Haunting of Hell House (99-R-1:30)
1609-2Hav Plenty (98-R-1:27)
1542-4Head Above Water (97-PG13-1:33)
1604-2Heaven Or Vegas (98-R-1:41)
1724-3H-E-Double Hockey Sticks (99-NR-1:30)
1633-1He Got Game (98-R-2:18)
1708-2Held Up (00-R-1:27)
1568-2Hellraiser (87-R-1:32)
1511-4Hellraiser: Bloodline (96-R-1:20)
1716-3Henry Fool (97-R-2:19)
1557-2Hidden Assassin (96-R-1:27)
1700-4Hideous Kinky (98-R-1:40)
1705-1High Art (98-R-1:40)
1699-1The Hi-Lo Country (98-R-1:56)
1597-1Hollow Reed (97-R-1:43)
1675-2Holy Man (98-PG-1:55)
1656-1Home Fries (98-PG13-1:35)
1586-3Homegrown (98-R-1:40)
1670-1The Horse Whisperer (98-PG13-2:51)
1629-3Hostile Waters (97-NR-1:32)
1695-4Hot Boyz (99-R-1:35)
1528-2The House Of Spirits (93-R-2:14)
1644-3The House Of Yes (97-R-1:24)
1561-4Howling V - The Rebirth (89-R-1:39)
1620-3How Stella Got Her Groove Back (98-R-2:06)
1694-2Hurly Burly (98-R-2:04)
1637-3Hush (98-PG13-1:34)
1642-2The Ice Storm (97-R-1:54)
1691-1An Ideal Husband (99-PG13-1:36)
1503-4If Lucy Fell (96-R-1:23)
1706-2If These Walls Could Talk 2 (00-NR-1:36)
1729-1Illuminata (98-R-1:54)
1585-3I Love You, I Love You Not (98-PG13-1:27)
1606-1Implicated (99-R-1:35)
1682-1The Imposters (98-R-1:40)
1633-2Incognito (98-R-1:48)
1619-2In Cold Blood (96-NR-3:01)
1680-3Indiscreet (98-R-1:39)
1678-3In Dreams (98-R-1:38)
1570-3Infinity (96-NR-1:59)
1568-1Inhumanities Part II (89-UR-1:17)
1698-1The Insider (99-R-2:39)
1693-1Instinct (99-R-2:05)
1560-3In The Flesh: The New York Strip Scene (96-NR-1:01)
1552-3In The Mouth Of Madness (95-R-1:33)
1504-1Intimate Betrayal (96-R-1:26)
1648-2Intimate Relations (97-R-1:40)
1726-3In Too Deep (99-R-1:35)
1555-1Inventing The Abbotts (96-R-1:49)
1661-3I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (98-R-1:39)
1506-1It Came From Outer Space (96-PG13-1:28)
1653-2I Want You (99-R-1:27)
1614-1The Jackal (97-R-2:16)
1593-3Jack Frost (96-R-1:28)
1598-1Jackie Brown (97-R-2:36)
1513-3Jackie Chan First Strike (97-PG13-1:22)
1714-2Jawbreaker (99-R-1:22)
1670-3Johnny Skidmarks (98-R-1:40)
1593-2Joyride (96-R-1:31)
1702-4The Joyriders (99-PG13-1:42)
1701-2Judas Kiss (98-R-1:36)
1501-2Judge & Jury (96-R-1:37)
1629-2Julian Po (97-PG13-1:22)
1535-3Jungle Fever (92-R-2:13)
1731-4Just a Little Harmless Sex (99-R-1:33)
1632-1Just The Ticket (98-R-1:55)
1527-3Kafka (91-PG13-1:37)
1535-2Kansas City (96-R-1:57)
1545-3Keys To Tulsa (97-UR-2:00)
1551-2Kick Of Death (97-NR-1:38)
1586-1A Kid In Aladdin's Palace (97-PG-1:27)
1562-3Kids In The Hall Brain Candy (96-R-1:29)
1503-2Killer: A Journal Of Murder (96-R-1:29)
1711-1Kimberly (99-R-1:46)
1717-4The King and I (99-G-1:30)
1589-4Kissing A Fool (98-R-1:34)
1642-1Kiss The Girls (97-R-1:57)
1609-1Knock Off (98-R-1:29)
1588-3Krippendorf's Tribe (98-PG13-1:35)
1527-2Kuffs (92-PG13-1:40)
1583-2Kull - The Conqueror (97-PG13-1:33)
1635-2Kundun (97-PG13-2:16)
1521-4Kung Fu - The Movie (86-NR-1:34)
1642-3L.A. Confidential (97-R-2:19)
1705-2Lake Placid (99-R-1:20)
1650-4The Land Girls (98-R-1:53)
1677-3Land Of The Free (98-R-1:35)
1586-4The Last Days Of Disco (98-R-1:52)
1649-2The Last Days Of Disco (98-R-1:52)
1703-2The Last of the Blonde Bombshells (00-NR-1:23)
1537-2The Last Temptation Of Christ (89-NR-2:42)
1569-TLaw And Order (1996/7-NR-:48 each)
1679-3Lawn Dogs (98-R-1:40)
1514-2Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War (96-PG13-1:29)
1623-3The Leading Man (96-NR-1:39)
1725-3The Leading Man (96-R-1:40)
1580-3Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (89-R-1:18)
1546-1Legend Of The Spirit Dog (94-PG-1:28)
1604-4Legionnaire (98-R-1:29)
1730-3Leprechaun 5: In the Hood (99-R-1:30)
1672-1Les Miserables (98-PG13-2:15)
1554-4Lethal Tender (96-R-1:29)
1687-5Lethal Weapon 4 (98-R-2:09)
1719-1Letters From a Killer (98-R-1:42)
1658-1Lies & Whispers (98-R-1:35)
1654-3Life (99-R-1:43)
1578-3Lifeboat (64-NR-1:38)
1676-1Life Is Beautiful (98-PG13-2:00)
1641-1A Life Less Ordinary (97-R-1:42)
1722-1Limbo (99-R-2:03)
1705-3Little Boy Blue (98-R-1:40)
1622-3Little City (98-R-1:28)
1563-1Little Heroes (91-G-1:19)
1505-2Little Man Tate (91-PG-1:37)
1681-1Little Voice (98-PG13-1:36)
1648-1Living In Peril (96-R-1:30)
1519-2Longtime Companion (90-R-1:37)
1712-1Lost & Found (99-PG13-1:40)
1712-2The Love Letter (99-PG13-1:27)
1724-2Love Stinks (99-R-1:28)
1614-2Love To Kill (97-R-1:44)
1572-3Love! Valour! Compassion! (97-R-1:56)
1561-1Machine Gun Blues (95-R-1:21)
1622-2Mafia! (98-PG13-1:29)
1625-1Major League 3: Back To The Minors (98-PG13-1:45)
1600-1The Man In The Iron Mask (98-PG13-2:13)
1631-1The Man Who Knew Too Little (97-PG-1:32)
1524-3The Man Who Knew Too Much (55-PG-2:01)
1521-1Man With A Gun (94-R-1:32)
1522-2Marooned (69-G-2:10)
1654-2The Matrix (99-R-2:18)
1554-2McHale's Navy (97-PG-1:46)
1585-1Mean Guns (97-R-1:51)
1703-3Mean Streak (99-NR-1:37)
1599-1Meantime (83-NR-1:42)
1617-4Meet The Deedles (98-PG-1:36)
1561-3Men Of War (94-R-1:41)
1666-2Message In A Bottle (99-PG13-2:13)
1532-4Metro (97-R-1:59)
1713-4Metroland (97-R-1:41)
1503-3Michael (96-PG-1:42)
1691-2Mickey Blue Eyes (99-PG13-1:40)
1686-2The Midas Touch (97-PG-1:32)
1582-3Midnight (80-R-1:36)
1568-4Midnight Cowboy (69-R-1:53)
1611-3Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (98-R-2:35)
1681-4The Mighty (98-PG13-1:40)
1625-3Milo (98-R-1:28)
1573-4Milo And Otis (89-G-1:16)
1598-3Mimic (97-R-1:45)
1696-4The Minus Man (99-R-1:51)
1527-1Miracle Mile (88-NR-1:26)
1518-3Missing Pieces (91-R-1:32)
1521-2Mission Of Justice (92-R-1:34)
1512-1Mistrial (96-NR-1:28)
1537-1Mo' Better Blues (91-R-2:07)
1669-1The Mod Squad (99-R-1:32)
1724-1Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire (00-NR-1:35)
1553-4Monkey Boy (90-R-1:46)
1610-1Montana (98-R-1:35)
1506-4Monty Python And The Holy Grail (74-PG-1:32)
1660-1Monument Ave. (98-R-1:33)
1645-4Moonbase (97-R-1:30)
1540-4Mortal Kombat - The Animated Movie (95-NR-:56)
1643-2Mortal Kombat Annihilation (97-PG13-1:27)
1550-1Mother (96-PG13-1:43)
1558-1Movie Magic (95-NR-2:15)
1549-TMovie Magic (1993-1996 NR :30each)
1625-4Mowgli's Story: The Jungle Book (98-G-1:18)
1545-1Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation (62-NR-1:58)
1590-1Mr. Magoo (97-PG-1:29)
1585-4Mr. Nice Guy (98-R-1:23)
1718-3Mrs. Dalloway (97-PG13-1:36)
1715-2Mumford (99-R-1:53)
1717-1Muppets From Space (99-G-1:26)
1541-1Murder At 1600 (97-R-1:47)
1664-2A Murder Of Crows (98-R-1:39)
1698-3The Muse (99-PG13-1:38)
1731-1Music of the Heart (99-PG-2:05)
1679-4My Brother's War (98-R-1:32)
1707-1My Date With the President's Daughter (98-NR-1:30)
1635-1My Giant (98-PG-1:41)
1507-2My Grandpa Is A Vampire (91-PG-1:30)
1508-2My Left Foot (89-R-1:45)
1691-4My Life So Far (99-PG13-1:32)
1507-3Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (96-PG13-1:15)
1658-3My Teacher's Wife (98-R-1:29)
1524-4Nail Gun Massacre (85-R-1:25)
1651-4National Lampoon's The Don's Analyst (97-R-1:43)
1671-3The Negotiator (98-R-2:21)
1538-2The Neighbor (93-R-1:33)
1621-1Nevada (98-R-1:47)
1693-2Never Been Kissed (99-PG13-1:49)
1625-2Never 2 Big (98-R-1:40)
1517-2The New Gladiators (87-NR-1:31)
1649-1The Newton Boys (98-R-2:04)
1509-2Next Door (95-R-1:35)
1621-4A Night At The Roxbury (98-PG13-1:21)
1559-3Night Falls On Manhattan (97-R-1:55)
1525-3A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (89-R-1:27)
1587-4Nightwatch (98-R-1:39)
1531-4The Ninja Empire (88-NR-1:27)
1530-4Ninja Turf (85-R-1:23)
1514-3Nixon (96-R-3:19)
1538-3No Place To Hide (93-R-1:36)
1696-1Notting Hill (99-PG13-2:06)
1589-3No Way Home (96-R-1:40)
1634-1The Object Of My Affection (98-R-1:53)
1667-2October Sky (99-PG-1:49)
1626-4The Odd Couple II (98-PG13-1:34)
1574-2Offerings (89-R-1:34)
1689-1Office Space (99-R-1:27)
1528-1Of Mice And Men (92-PG13-1:52)
1540-3Omega Doom (97-PG13-1:24)
1594-3187 (97-R-2:02)
1504-4One Good Turn (95-R-1:30)
1705-4One Kill (99-PG13-1:33)
1643-3One Night Stand (97-R-1:44)
1606-4One Tough Cop (98-R-1:32)
1504-2One Way Out (96-NR-1:45)
1559-1On The Beach (59-NR-2:11)
1516-4Open Season (96-R-1:43)
1583-4Operation Condor (97-PG13-1:34)
1677-2Operation Condor 2: The Armour Of The Gods (98-R-1:30)
1568-3Operation Delta Force (97-R-1:32)
1627-1The Opposite Of Sex (98-R-1:40)
1711-4Orion's Key (97-R-1:39)
1717-3The Other Me (00-NR-1:29)
1674-2The Other Sister (99-PG13-2:11)
1660-3Outlaw Justice (98-R-1:35)
1632-3Out Of Sight (98-R-2:05)
1669-4The Out-Of-Towners (99-PG13-1:32)
1710-4Outside Ozona (98-R-1:40)
1701-4Outside Providence (99-R-1:40)
1645-1Overnight Delivery (97-PG13-1:26)
1577-2Over The Line (92-R-1:47)
1596-3Palmetto (98-R-1:55)
1713-1Panic (00-R-1:26)
1559-2Paradise Road (97-R-2:03)
1721-2The Passion of Darkly Noon (95-NR-1:40)
1538-4Past Midnight (92-R-1:40)
1655-2Patch Adams (98-PG13-1:57)
1683-3The Patriot (98-R-1:27)
1667-3Payback (99-R-1:43)
1585-2The Peacekeeper (98-R-1:35)
1508-1The Peacemaker (97-R-2:01)
1606-3Pecker (98-R-1:25)
1640-2A Perfect Murder (98-R-1:47)
1605-2Permanent Midnight (98-R-1:27)
1510-1The Pest (97-PG13-1:23)
1624-3Phantasm: Oblivion (98-R-1:28)
1616-2Phantoms (98-R-1:33)
1612-1Phantoms (98-R-1:34)
1502-1Phat Beach (96-R-1:25)
1671-2Phoenix (98-R-1:49)
1636-1Photographing Fairies (98-R-1:46)
1710-2Pi (98-R-1:23)
1690-4Pirates Of Silicon Valley (99-NR-1:29)
1584-2Plato's Run (96-R-1:35)
1528-2The Player (93-R-2:06)
1636-3The Player's Club (98-R-1:40)
1674-1Playing By Heart (99-R-2:03)
1584-4Playing God (98-R-1:36)
1603-1Pleasantville (98-PG13-2:06)
1621-3Plump Fiction (98-R-1:24)
1650-1Pocahontas II - Journey To A New World (98-G-1:15)
1659-3Polish Wedding (98-R-1:43)
1517-1The Pompatus Of Love (95-NR-1:42)
1733-1Possessed (00-NR-1:52)
1612-2The Postman (98-R-2:54)
1602-3Practical Magic (98-PG13-1:59)
1593-1Prefontaine (97-PG13-1:46)
1722-2A Price Above Rubies (98-R-1:58)
1725-2The Price of Kissing (97-PG13-1:32)
1536-4Priest (94-R-1:39)
1649-3Primary Colors (98-R-2:20)
1658-2Progeny (98-R-1:34)
1595-3Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (89-R-1:38)
1584-3The Prophecy II (98-R-1:21)
1505-1The Proposition (96-R-1:32)
1683-2Psycho (99-R-1:41)
1553-2Puppet Master (89-R-1:27)
1580-2Pure Danger (96-R-1:38)
1510-3Pure Luck (92-PG-1:34)
1676-2Pushing Tin (99-R-2:06)
1589-2Quicksilver Highway (97-NR-1:32)