1616-3The Rage (97-R-1:34)
1695-2The Rage: Carrie 2 (99-R-1:42)
1538-1Raising Cain (93-R-1:30)
1699-3Random Hearts (99-R-2:15)
1515-3Rasputin - Dark Servant Of Destiny (96-NR-1:46)
1710-3Ravenous (99-R-1:43)
1536-3Raw Target (94-R-1:31)
1734-1Ready to Rumble (00-PG13-1:47)
1501-4Reality Bites (94-PG13-1:36)
1723-2Reaper (98-PG13-1:34)
1564-3Rebel Without a Cause (55-NR-1:51)
1641-2Red Corner (97-R-2:04)
1574-1Red Line (95-R-1:38)
1517-4Redneck Zombies (88-R-1:24)
1729-3The Red Violin (98-R-2:12)
1723-1Reindeer Games (00-R-1:46)
1730-2Relative Values (00-NR-1:28)
1533-2The Relic (96-R-1:52)
1587-1The Replacement Killers (98-R-1:26)
1725-1Requiem for Murder (99-PG13-1:34)
1685-2Return To Paradise (98-R-1:50)
1523-1Revenge Of The Nerds III - The Next Generation (92-NR-1:34)
1636-2Ride (98-R-1:21)
1704-4The Right Temptation (00-R-1:32)
1656-3Ringmaster (98-R-1:29)
1502-4Riot (96-R-1:38)
1507-1River Pirates (88-PG-1:49)
1721-3River Red (98-R-1:45)
1708-1RKO 281 (99-R-1:25)
1713-2RKO 281 (99-R-1:25)
1646-2Rocketman (97-PG-1:31)
1507-4The Rocky Horror Picture Show (75-R-1:44)
1526-1Romeo Is Bleeding (93-NR-1:48)
1601-3Ronin (98-R-2:01)
1555-3Rosewood (97-R-2:20)
1592-2Rough Magic (97-PG13-1:43)
1571-1Rough Riders (97-NR-3:04)
1601-2Rounders (98-R-2:02)
1539-4Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle Book Mowgli & Baloo (97-PG-1:31)
1664-1Rushmore (98-R-1:33)
1556-4Sacred Cargo (96-NR-1:37)
1570-1The Saint (97-PG13-1:57)
1626-1Sandtrap (98-R-1:40)
1506-3Sarafina (92-PG13-1:38)
1515-2SAT 1 - Tips, Tricks & Traps (94-NR-2:44)
1675-1Saving Private Ryan (98-R-2:50)
1661-4Savior (98-R-1:39)
1548-3Sawbones (95-R-1:24)
1615-2Scream 2 (98-R-2:02)
1637-4Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island (98-NR-1:19)
1536-2The Search For One-Eye Jimmy (96-R-1:24)
1570-2Selena (97-PG-2:09)
1589-1Senseless (98-R-1:31)
1579-3Serpent's Lair (95-R-1:31)
1648-3Seven Years In Tibet (97-R-2:17)
1547-2Shadow Conspiracy (97-R-1:41)
1605-1Shadrach (98-PG13-1:27)
1674-3Shakespeare In Love (98-R-2:03)
1580-4Shameless (94-R-1:41)
1532-3Shampoo (75-R-1:51)
1727-2Shark Attack (98-R-1:35)
1668-2She's All That (99-PG13-1:34)
1647-4She's So Lovely (97-R-1:36)
1540-1Shine (90-PG13-1:44)
1583-3The Shoot (97-R-1:41)
1575-2Shootfighter (96-R-1:30)
1518-4Shopping (96-R-1:27)
1588-2The Shrunken City (98-PG-1:20)
1603-3The Siege (98-R-1:58)
1527-4The Siege At Firebase Gloria (88-NR-1:37)
1523-3Silent Assassins (87-NR-1:32)
1581-2Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 Better Watch Out! (89-R-1:30)
1581-3Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 Initiation (90-R-1:27)
1637-2Simon Birch (98-PG-1:54)
1721-4Simon Sez (99-PG13-1:25)
1655-1A Simple Plan (98-R-2:02)
1669-3Simply Irresistible (99-PG-1:33)
1685-1Six Days Seven Nights (98-PG13-1:39)
1696-3The Sixth Sense (99-PG13-1:48)
1657-1Slam (98-R-1:41)
1644-2Slappy And The Stinkers (97-PG-1:17)
1575-1Slaughterhouse (87-R-1:26)
1687-4Sliding Doors (98-PG13-1:38)
1526-2Sling Blade (96-R-2:16)
1574-3Slumber Party Massacre II (87-R-1:14)
1610-3Slums Of Beverly Hills (98-R-1:30)
1645-2Small Faces (96-R-1:49)
1557-1A Smile Like Yours (97-R-1:37)
1622-1Smoke Signals (98-PG13-1:27)
1604-3Snake Eyes (98-R-1:40)
1563-4Snowboard Academy (96-PG-1:30)
1724-4Snow Day (00-PG-1:29)
1605-3Soldier (98-R-1:37)
1603-2A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries (98-R-2:05)
1657-2Somebody Is Waiting (98-R-1:31)
1684-4Sometimes They Come Back...For More (99-R-1:29)
1720-4Sometimes They Come Back...For More (98-R-1:29)
1575-4Soultaker (90-R-1:35)
1679-2Sour Grapes (98-R-1:30)
1686-1South Park - The Movie - Bigger, Longer & Uncut (99-NC17-1:46)
1618-1South Park, Vol. 1 (97-NR-:48)
1618-4South Park, Vol. 2 (97-NR-:46)
1618-5South Park, Vol. 3 (97-NR-:48)
1687-1South Park, Vol. 4 (98-NR-:49)
1687-2South Park, Vol. 5 (98-NR-:48)
1687-3South Park, Vol. 6 (98-NR-:49)
1714-4Space Truckers (97-PG13-1:37)
1730-1The Spanish Prisoner (98-PG-1:48)
1591-1Spawn (97-R-1:34)
1634-2Spawn 2 (98-UC-2:23)
1613-2Sphere (98-PG13-2:13)
1617-3Spice World (98-PG-1:31)
1599-3The Spitfire Grill (96-PG13-1:57)
1573-1Sprung (96-R-1:48)
1643-1Squeeze (97-R-1:34)
1631-3Standoff (97-R-1:30)
1588-1Star Kid (96-PG-1:41)
1551-1Starlight (95-PG13-1:39)
1596-1Starship Troopers (97-R-2:11)
1678-1Star Trek Insurrection (98-PG-1:40)
1572-1Stealing Beauty (96-R-2:03)
1591-2Steel (97-PG13-1:35)
1631-4Steel Sharks (97-R-1:30)
1520-2Stephen King's The Golden Years (91-NR-3:53)
1662-3Stepmom (98-PG13-2:04)
1692-2Stigmata (99-R-1:45)
1695-3The Story of Us (99-R-1:37)
1539-1Straight To Hell (87-R-1:25)
1508-3Strange Days (95-R-2:27)
1661-2Strangeland (98-R-1:25)
1593-4Stranger In The House (97-R-1:34)
1579-1Strangers On A Train (51-NR-1:43)
1594-2Straw Dogs (71-NR-1:57)
1595-2A Streetcar Named Desire (95-NR-2:38)
1619-1The Substitute 2 (98-R-1:28)
1718-4The Suburbans (99-R-1:28)
1555-2Suburbia (97-R-2:02)
1651-2Subway Stories (97-R-1:19)
1594-1Sugartime (95-NR-1:52)
1639-2Suicide Kings (98-R-1:45)
1544-1Summer Fling (98-R-1:45)
1502-3Sunset Park (96-R-1:37)
1689-4Supercop 2 (99-R-1:29)
1706-4Superstar (99-PG13-1:24)
1553-1Superstition (82-R-1:25)
1548-4The Swan Princess II - Escape From Castle Mountain (97-G-1:15)
1580-1The Sweeper (96-R-1:40)
1659-2Sweepers (98-R-1:36)
1700-1Sweethearts (96-R-1:24)
1720-1Sweet Revenge (98(00)-PG13-1:28)
1501-3Swingers (96-R-1:36)
1611-1Switchback (97-R-2:00)
1672-3Talk Of Angels (98-R-1:40)
1700-2The Taxman (99-R-1:42)
1653-1Teaching Mrs. Tingle (99-PG13-1:34)
1696-2Tea with Mussolini (98-PG-1:59)
1646-3Telling Lies In America (97-NR-1:40)
1668-4Telling You (99-R-1:30)
1697-310 Things I Hate About You (99-PG13-1:36)
1556-3Terrified (96-R-1:28)
1647-3Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (94-R-1:26)
1544-3That Darn Cat (97-PG-1:29)
1523-4That Thing You Do! (96-PG-1:47)
1601-1There's Something About Mary (98-R-2:00)
1553-3They Watch (94-PG13-1:39)
1704-2The Thin Blue Lie (00-NR-1:38)
1663-1The Thin Red Line (98-R-2:52)
1718-2The Thirteenth Floor (99-R-1:39)
1689-2The 13th Warrior (99-R-1:40)
1716-1The Thomas Crown Affair (99-R-1:55)
1506-2Three Fugitives (89-PG13-1:36)
1591-4The Three Lives Of Karen (97-PG13-1:30)
1638-13 Ninjas High Noon At Mega Mountain (98-PG-1:33)
1733-2Three to Tango (99-PG13-1:37)
1639-3Thursday (98-UR-1:26)
1550-4Tie-Died (95-NR-1:26)
1616-4T.N.T. (97-R-1:27)
1614-3Tomorrow Never Dies (97-PG13-1:59)
1543-1Too Fast, Too Young (95-NR-1:35)
1629-1Toothless (98-NR-1:26)
1526-3Torn Curtain (66-R-2:05)
1512-2To Sleep With Anger (90-PG-1:41)
1500-2Touch (97-R-1:36)
1690-1Tower Of Terror (99-NR-1:31)
1522-3Toxic Avenger (89-NR-1:19)
1552-1Traveller (97-NR-1:38)
1544-4Treasure (90-PG-1:29)
1505-4Trees Lounge (96-R-1:25)
1525-2Tremors (90-PG13-1:34)
1592-1Trial And Error (97-PG13-1:36)
1592-4Trojan War (97-PG13-1:26)
1729-2The Truce (96-R-1:59)
1624-2Trucks (98-R-1:38)
1654-1True Crime (99-R-2:09)
1579-4Truth Or Dare? (86-R-1:27)
1720-2Tumbleweeds (99-PG13-1:41)
1500-1Turbulence (97-R-1:41)
1644-412 Angry Men (97-PG13-1:59)
1709-4Twenty-Four Hour Woman (99-R-1:34)
1626-2Twilight (98-R-1:33)
1716-2Twin Falls Idaho (99-R-1:53)
1519-3Twisted Passion (96-R-1:38)
1626-3Two Girls And A Guy (98-NC17-1:24)
1608-1The Ugly (98-R-1:33)
1611-2Uncle Sam (98-R-1:28)
1712-4Undercurrent (99-R-1:40)
1704-3Under Pressure (97-R-1:26)
1501-5Under The Volcano (84-R-1:52)
1731-3Universal Soldier: The Return (99-R-1:22)
1719-4The Unknown Cyclist (99-PG13-1:37)
1605-4Urban Legend (98-R-1:41)
1602-1Vampires (98-R-1:46)
1663-2Varsity Blues (99-R-1:46)
1516-1Vegas Vacation (97-PG-1:33)
1691-3The Very Thought Of You (99-PG13-1:24)
1524-1Vietnam Heroes - The Congressional Medal Of Honor (89-NR-:26)
1546-4Virtual Seduction (95-R-1:25)
1668-3Virus (99-R-1:35)
1581-4The Visitors (89-R-1:42)
1557-4Volcano (97-PG13-1:40)
1588-4Wag The Dog (97-R-1:36)
1681-2Waking Ned Devine (98-PG-1:30)
1516-3Walking And Talking (97-R-1:24)
1697-2A Walk on the Moon (99-R-1:44)
1635-3Washington Square (97-PG-1:57)
1647-1The Waterboy (98-PG13-1:29)
1582-2Waxwork (88-R-1:37)
1574-4Waxwork II: Lost In Time (91-R-1:44)
1617-2The Wedding Singer (98-PG13-1:35)
1584-1Welcome To Sarajevo (98-R-1:41)
1582-4Welcome To Spring Break (88-R-1:32)
1573-2What The Deaf Man Heard (97-NR-1:39)
1732-3When the Sky Falls (00-NR-1:48)
1521-3White Tiger (95-NR-1:32)
1519-4The Whoopie Boys (86-R-1:31)
1607-3Why Do Fools Fall In Love (98-R-2:00)
1637-1Wide Awake (98-PG-1:26)
1560-1Wild America (97-PG-1:43)
1587-3Wild Things (98-R-1:46)
1516-2The Willies (90-PG13-1:31)
1668-1Wing Commander (99-PG13-1:37)
1600-3Wings Of The Dove (98-PG13-1:44)
1552-2The Winner (96-R-1:28)
1709-1The Winslow Boy (99-G-1:44)
1681-3Wishful Thinking (98-R-1:29)
1587-2Wishmaster (97-R-1:28)
1669-2Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (99-R-1:35)
1552-4Witchcraft V (93-R-1:35)
1659-4Without A Map (96-R-1:23)
1650-2Woo (98-R-1:23)
1621-2Wounded (98-R-1:37)
1703-1Wrestling With Alligators (98-NR-1:25)
1619-3Wrongfully Accused (98-PG13-1:27)
1634-3The X Files (98-PG13-2:02)
1551-4Xtro (83-R-1:20)
1567-3The Yearling (94-G-1:39)
1690-3You Know My Name (99-NR-1:36)
1573-3The Young Magician (83-NR-1:37)
1680-2Your Friends & Neighbors (98-R-1:38)
1596-2Zero Effect (98-R-1:57)