Last updated:  23-Dec-2000

Favorite Links

General Film Sites

Internet Movie Database The granddaddy of all film sites.  The most complete filmographies online and links galore.
Yahoo! Movies No nonsense cookie-free movie news.
Rough Cut TNT's Rough Cut.  Movie news, reviews, etc.
Mr. Showbiz General info film page, including reviews and biographies. Another general film site.
Hollywood Online Another general film site.
Reel Reel doesn't do retail anymore.  General movie info, retail links to Nice all-around entertainment site.  Good sci-fi coverage.
Mobius' Home Video Forum Film discussion boards for intelligent cinephiles.
Box Office Mojo Great site for box office information.  Watch Battlefield Earth plummet.
movielens Rate movies according to personal taste and movielens makes recommendations.

Coming Attractions

Film Release Schedule No detailed info, just US film release dates and links to official web pages.
Coming Attractions The rumor mill for films in production.  If it's a glint in Spielberg's eye, it's mentioned here.
Ain't It Cool News News of films in production and reviews from advanced screenings.
Dark Horizons Australian-based site for films in production.  Pictures & trailers as well as text.
Cinematter Another coming attractions page.
Cinescape Yet another movie buzz page, courtesy of Cinescape magazine.
Upcoming Movies Another pre-release page.


Film Threat Film Threat Online, indie webzine.
indieWIRE Indie webzine.
Movie Juice Irreverent film site.
Empire Online Empire UK movie website.
Film Unlimited The UK Guardian's film magazine
Total Film Another UK film mag.
Cinepad Jeem's Cinepad.
24 frames per second A web journal that invites participation by readers.

Media (Trailers, WAVs, Scripts)

Phunbaba's Movie Page Movie trailers, music, reviews, box office, etc.  Nicer layout than many of the sites below.
Movie List Movie trailers.
Jurassic Punk Movie trailers.
The Trailer Park More movie trailers.  Strange layout and slow to load.
Film Scouts Multiple film clips from current films.
Drew's Script-O-Rama Links to movies scripts on the web.
Moviesounds Sound clips from a variety of films.


Movie Review Query Engine Links to over 90,000 film reviews on the web.
Rotten Tomatoes Looking for blurbs both positive and negative?  This site's for you.  Nice layout.
Roger Ebert on Movies Ebert's print reviews from the Chicago Sun-Times.  More in depth than thumbs up/down.
Reel Views Nice review page from James Berardinelli.  Intelligent, well-reasoned criticism.
HK Film Critics Society Hong Kong film critics.
Chinese Cinema Page Well-written reviews of Chinese films.
Film Vault Alternative press reviews.
The Reel Site Reviews, essays and forums.
Girls on Film Reviews and forums.
Screen It! Parents' guide to movies.  No hidden agenda, just the straight dope on film content.  Spoilers.
ChildCare Action Project A Christian evaluation of current movies.  Not meant to be funny, but it is.


Moviefone Film listings for your hometown.  Slow to load and tons of cookies.
Landmark Theatres The art house chain.  Includes film listings by city.

Video Release News

OnVideo Video release news and reviews.  Includes details regarding widescreen and sell-throughs.
DVD release news
Image Entertainment Image took over the Laserviews pages.  Links to DVD release news.
DVD News Image's DVD news page.  Updated every couple of weeks.
CriterionDVD A fan site for Criterion release news.
Disc Database DVD File's disc database.  Release news plus searchable query engine.
Home Theater Info Includes lists for cancelled, postponed and discontinued discs.


The DVD File Very comprehensive DVD site, my favorite.  News, reviews, a DVD database.
DVD Resource Page News and reviews and lots of cool features [Easter Eggs, flipper list, RSDL list]
The Digital Bits DVD news and reviews, the rumor mill.
DVD Town DVD news and reviews, yadda yadda yadda.
DVD Review And another DVD news and reviews page, Easter Eggs, chat forums, etc.
Anime on DVD News and reviews about anime on DVD.
DVD Cult News and reviews for horror, anime, kung fu, etc. on DVD.
Asian DVD Guide By title, distributor or country, links to the Hong Kong movie database.
KFC Cinema Kung Fu Cult Cinema.  Reviews of martial arts films from Asia in various formats.
Another HK Movie Page More HK movie reviews, in theaters and on DVD.
Love and Bullets Another Hong Kong DVD review site.
Beyond the Blade Anime, Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese DVD reviews.
DVD Unleashed Fantastic Cinema on DVD.
The Big Picture Nice site for technical reviews with an emphasis on how they look on big screens.
DVD Future Another technical page.


Amazon Books, music, movies.  Good prices.  Most DVDs are 30% off.
Videoflicks Canadian-based site, friendly service. Video and electronics, free popcorn with every order.
Sinister Cinema Great site for cult and camp films from Reefer Madness to Hercules Unchained.
Video Vault Psychotronic videos by mail.  Rent or buy.
Price comparison/Coupon sites
DVD Price Search Compare prices for online DVD stores
DiVerseDVD Another price comparison site, can view titles with prices side by side
DVD Talk Lists DVD deals and bargains at various sites.
BargainFlix More DVD bargains, including coupons.
Online DVD Deals's DVD deals page.  Includes pre-order reminders.
Coupons and Deals Coupons and Deals.
DVD sources
Netflix Rent DVDs, huge selection, no late fees with marqee plan.
DVD Express One of the more reputable online DVD dealers.
BigStarDVD Extraordinarily high shipping rates but you might find a coupon to offset the cost.
Ken Crane's More DVDs online.  Not as cheap as some others but fairly reliable.
DVD Empire Yet another DVD webstore.
Used DVD Empire Sell your used DVDs.
Hong Kong
Poker Industries HK DVDs and VCDs. Better organized than AsiaCD & free shipping with $50 orders.
Asia CD Cheap prices for HK imports but not well organized and no search engine.
Asia Offers Not as big a selection, but the site's in English.
Asian Xpress Their prices aren't as good, but they have a buy 3 get 1 free deal.
HiVi Zone This site is located in Hong Kong.
Digital Entertainment Hindi films on DVD.
Super Digital Media Hindi and Tamil DVDs.
PAL video sources
Video Shop UK based video source.  Good shipping rates but no descriptive information.
Amazon UK Amazon's UK site.
Blackstar "The UK's biggest video store".  I've never shopped here but their prices seem reasonable.
Interactive Music&Video Another UK site.
The Zone Yet another UK site.
Cheap or What! Yet another UK site.

TV Sites

GIST TV Listings Listings can be customized by cable provider.  Includes links and search feature.  Slow.
TV Now Another good tv site.  Includes search feature for a number of actors and actresses.
TV Ultra Best tv show of the day (changes daily).
Letterboxed Movies on TV This site tells you where to find letterboxed movies on tv.
AMC American Movie Classics.  Old movies, uncut, often shown in letterbox.
TCM Turner Classic Movies.  Similar to AMC but with full access to the MGM film library.
The International Channel Multi-lingual cable channel.  Shows Chinese, French, Hungarian and Hindi films.
Bravo Foreign and independent films, arts programming (unfortunately no longer commercial free).
IFC Independent Film Channel.  Sister channel to Bravo which focuses exclusively on film.
Sundance Sundance Channel.  Pay cable channel for art films.
HBO HBO (pay cable).  Endless repeats of blockbusters but some good original programming.
Cinemax Cinemax (pay cable).  HBO's artier sister channel.  All movies, no boxing.
Showtime Showtime (pay cable).  More art films than HBO, but usually at 4:00am.


The Greatest Films Comparative "greatest" lists from a number of sources.
Astounding B Monster A lovely B movie page.  Nicely laid out.
Oh the Humanity! Bad movies, lovable and otherwise (someone had to do it).
Classic Movies Classic movie site.
The Silents Majority Silent film site.  Tons of info.
Stay Tooned Animation site.
Comics 2 Film News about film adaptations of comic books.
Mad Woman w/a VCR Emphasis on British tv and movies.  Includes tv schedules.
Jan Svankmajer The wonderful world of Czech animator Jan Svankmajer.
Hayao Miyazaki The wonderful world of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.
Yash Raj Films The wonderful world of Hindi filmmaker Yash Chopra.
Anime Web Turnpike Huge collection of anime links.
Anime & Stuff More anime links.
The Illuminated Lantern Well-written, in-depth discussion of Asian film.
City on Fire News, reviews and forums on Hong Kong cinema.  Nicely designed site.
Hong Kong Cinema Hong Kong movie database.  Cross referenced with capsule reviews.
Hong Kong Movie Database Another HK movie database with more industry info and pictures.
A Website Never Dies Yet another Hong Kong site.  Includes HK movie news and trailers.
Drunken Fist And still more HK movie news & reviews.  Can you tell I like HK movies yet?
Movieworld Hong Kong Another HK movie database.  Good for credits but few reviews.
Korean Film Page A nicely done page on the Korean film industry.
Planet Bollywood Hindi movies.
Hindi Movie Review Hindi movies.

Studio Sites

Artisan Entertainment Distributors of Pi, Permanent Midnight, The Blair Witch Project, etc.
Dimension Films Miramax's horror division.
Fine Line Features New Line's art house division.
Fox Searchlight Fox's art house division.
Hammer Films Hammer's House of Horror.
Lion's Gate Entertainment Distributors of Buffalo 66, Gods and Monsters, Affliction, etc.
Miramax Cafe Disney's art house division.
October Films Distributors of Breaking the Waves, Hilary and Jackie, Secrets and Lies, etc. Polygram Films and Gramercy Pictures.
Regency Productions Distributors of the A Midsummer Night's Dream and Pushing Tin.
Sony Picture Classics Sony's art house division.
Trimark Pictures Distributors of Box of Moonlight, Chinese Box, Cube, etc.
Troma Entertainment Schlockmeisters Extraordinaire, makers of Tromeo & Juliet, Cannibal! The Musical, etc.
Zentropa Entertainments Lars Von Triers' film company.

Video Distributors

AnimEigo Anime distributors.
Viz Video Anime distributors.
A.D. Vision Anime distributors.
Streamline Pictures Anime distributors.
Central Park Media Anime distributors (U.S. Manga Corps, Anime 18).
Pioneer Entertainment Anime and mainstream movie distributors.
Tai Seng Video Tai Seng owns the US rights to a lot of Hong Kong films and they mark them up about $20.
Rhino The great Rhino Records do video as well.  Distributors of the Ed Wood catalog.
Criterion The Cadillac of  DVD special editions.  Pricey but worth it.
Anchor Bay Anchor Bay do classy special editions of obscure and B list films on DVD.
Elite Entertainment Another cool independent DVD distributor.  Nice horror special editions.
All Day "Movies that fell through the cracks" on DVD, usually horror.
Image Entertainment DVD and laserdisc distributors.  Links to laserview pages.