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The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle: Com/Fantasy 00-PG-1:28
All I Wanna Do: Com 00-PG13-1:36
Almost Famous: Com/Dra 00-R-2:02
Anna and the King: Dra/Rom 99-PG13-2:27
Autumn in New York: Dra/Rom 00-PG13-1:45
Before Night Falls: Dra 00-R-2:05
Beowulf: Act/Hor/Sci-Fi 99-R-1:29
Bicentennial Man: Dra/Rom/Sci-Fi 99-PG-2:10
Big Momma's House: Com/Crime 00-PG13-1:38
Billy Elliot: Dra/Mus 00-R-1:30
Bless the Child: Hor/Thr 00-R-1:47
Cast Away: Dra 00-PG13-2:23
Cecil B. Demented: Com 00-R-1:27
The Cell: Thr 00-R-1:47
Charlie's Angels: Act 00-PG13-1:32
Chicken Run: Com 00-R-1:35
Chocolat: Com 00-PG13-1:45
The Contender: Dra 00-R-2:05
Coyote Ugly: Com 00-PG13-1:50
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: MA 00-PG13-2:00
Dancer in the Dark: 00-R-2:20
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo: Com 99-R-1:28
Dinosaur: Act 00-PG-1:30
Double Take: Com PG13-1:35
Down to Earth: Com 01-PG13-1:35
Dr. Suess' How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Com/Fam/Fantasy 00-PG-1:44
Dude, Where's My Car?: Com/Sci-Fi 00-PG13-1:23
Easier Said: Com/Dra/Rom 99-R-1:34
The Emperor's New Groove: Fam G-1:18
Erin Brockovich: Dra 00-R-2:10
The Family Man: Com/Dra/Rom 00-PG13-2:05
15 Minutes: Thr R
Finding Forrester: Dra 01-PG13-2:15
Girl, Interrupted: Dra 99-R-2:07
Gladiator: Act 00-R-2:45
Godzilla 2000: Act/Adv/Hor/Sci-Fi/Thr 99-PG-1:38
Gone in Sixty Seconds: Act 00-PG13-1:58
The Green Mile: Dra 99-R-3:08
Hannibal: Thr 01-R-2:10
Head Over Heels: Com 01-PG13-1:26
High Fidelity: Com 00-R-1:53
Hollow Man: Thr 00-R-1:56
House on Haunted Hill: Hor 99-R-1:55
The Insider: Dra/Thr 99-R-2:37
Jaws: Hor/Thr 75-PG13-2:04
Keeping the Faith: Com/Dra/Rom 00-PG13-2:08
Disney's The Kid: Com/Dra 00-PG-1:41
Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure: Anim/Fam 01-G
Lost Souls: Hor 00-R-1:35
Love and Basketball: Dra/Rom 00-PG13-2:04
Meet the Parents: Com 00-PG13-1:47
Me, Myself & Irene: Com 00-R-1:56
Miss Congeniality: Com 00-PG13-1:45
Mission:Impossible 2: Act/Adv/Mys/Thr 00-PG13-2:03
Mission to Mars: Act/Dra/Sci-Fi/Thr 00-PG-1:53
My Dog Skip: Dra 00-PG-1:35
The Nutty Professor: Com/Rom/Sci-Fi 96-PG13-1:35
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps: Com 00-PG13-1:46
O Brother, Where Art Thou?: Com/Dra 00-PG13-1:42
102 Dalmatians: Fam 00-G
The Opportunists: Act/Dra 00-R-1:29
The Patriot: Act/Dra/War 00-R-2:44
The Perfect Storm: Act/Dra/Thr 00-PG13-2:09
The Pledge: Thr R-2:03
Pokemon: The Movie 2000: Adv/Anim/Fam 00-G-1:39
Pollock: Dra 00-R-1:57
Quills: Dra 00-R-2:04
Recess: School's Out: Fam 01-G-1:35
The Replacements: Com 00-PG13-1:58
Requiem for a Dream: Dra 00-NR-1:42
Save the Last Dance: Rom 01-PG13-2:00
Saving Grace: Com 00-R-1:34
Saving Silverman: Com 01-PG13-1:32
Scary Movie: Com 00-R-1:28
Scream 3: Com/Hor/Thr 00-R-1:56
Shadow of the Vampire: Thr 00-R-1:24
Shanghai Noon: Act/Com/West 00-PG13-1:50
The Sixth Sense: Dra/Hor/Thr 99-PG13-1:46
Snatch: Thr R-1:43
Space Cowboys: Act/Adv/Thr 00-PG13-2:10
Steal This Movie!: Dra 00-R-1:47
Sugar and Spice: 01-PG13-1:22
Sweet November: Com/Rom 01-PG13
The Talented Mr. Ripley: Dra/Thr 99-R-2:19
The Tao of Steve: Com 00-R-1:27
Thirteen Days: Dra 01-PG13-2:25
The Tic Code: Dra 98-R-1:31
Traffic: Dra 00-R-2:20
U-571: Act 00-PG13-1:45
Valentine: Thr 01-R-1:37
Vertical Limit: Act/Adv/Thr 00-PG13-2:04
The Virgin Suicides: Dra R-1:37
The Wedding Planner: Com 01-PG13-1:40
What Lies Beneath Thr 00-PG13-2:10
What Women Want: Com PG13-2:00
Wonder Boys: Com 00-R-1:48
X-Men: Act/Sci-Fi 00-PG13-1:44
You Can Count on Me: Dra 00-R-1:49