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Addicted To Love

1997 - R - 1:39
Warner Home Video
Directed by Griffin Dunne
Meg Ryan
Matthew Broderick
Kelly Preston
Tcheky Karyo

What would you do if that special someone dumped you? If you're like Maggie or Sam, the better question is what wouldn't you do! Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally... star Meg Ryan now takes a funny look at the obsessive side of love, joining Matthew Broderick (The Cable Guy, Glory) in the zany comedy Addicted to Love. They play Maggie and Sam, teaming for revenge when their exes (Kelly Preston and Tcheky Karyo) team for romance. At first, Sam simply wants his girlfriend back. Maggie wants to get back at her old flame. So in the parks, lofts and trendy eateries of New York's SoHo, they unleash their diabolical brand of urban espionage. If Maggie and Sam have their way, the two who spurned them will be hapless, hopeless, loveless. And if Cupid has his way, Maggie and Sam just might go from a jilted Who's Through to a romantic Who's Who.

Soundtrack Info

Original Score by Rachel Portman
1. Walk Away Renee - The Left Banke
2. Ma Fiancee, Elle Est Partie - Dany Brillant
3. Zoom - MC Solaar
4. J'e T'Aime Moi Non Plus - Serge Gainsbourg + Jane Birkin
5. Comme Toujours - Les Negresses Vertes
6. So Tinha Que Ser Com Voce - Elis & Tom
7. Soukora - Ali Farka Toure + Ry Cooder
8. Autumn Leaves - Stephane Grappelli
9. Observatory
10. Water Pistol Attack
11. Sam's Chart
12. Painting The Wall
13. Maggie Enters Loft
14. Rotten Strawberries
15. Sam And Maggie Make Love
16. Back To The Plan
17. Cockroaches
18. Back From Hospital
19. Common Interests
20. Fight
21. We're Even
22. Walk Across The Street
23. Sam Comes Home