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Alice In Wonderland

1999 - NR - 2:09
Hallmark Home Entertainment
Directed by Nick Willing
Robbie Coltrane
Whoopi Goldberg
Ben Kingsley
Christopher Lloyd
Miranda Richardson
Martin Short
Peter Ustinov
George Wendt
Gene Wilder
and Tina Majorino as Alice

Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll's masterpiece of fantasy, radiates with a star-studded cast, overflowing charm and dazzling effects! The adventure begins as Alice slips down a rabbit hole and tumbles into Wonderland - a dream land where the official language is Jabberwocky and the official sense is nonsense! Meet a zany cast of characters: the tricky Cheshire Cat (Whoopi Goldberg), the wild Mad Hatter (Martin Short) at his very strange tea party, play silly word games with Major Caterpillar (Ben Kingsley) or stop to chat with the talking flowers. Drinking magic potions or sampling mystical mushrooms changes Alice into many different forms until she finds herself in the croquet court of the Queen of Hearts (Miranda Richardson) - where the Knave stands accused of stealing tarts. When Alice is called as a witness in the comical trial that follows, she confuses the King and Queen, who banish her to the real world, where she returns as an inspired and changed young woman. Alice In Wonderland's vivid landscapes and unforgettable characters will delight and mesmerize everyone who sees it.

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