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The Avengers

1998 - PG13 - 1:29
Warner Home Video
Directed by Jeremiah Chechik
Ralph Fiennes
Uma Thurman
Sean Connery
Jim Broadbent

One lump or two? If jiujitsu master Mrs. Emma Peel asks, she's not necessarily referring to tea time. The Avengers, the hip secret agent series from '60s TV, is reinvented for the movies with a stylish blend of sly wit, fabulous retro fashions and effects-packed action. Ralph Fiennes is the very dapper John Steed and Uma Thurman is the smartly catsuited Mrs. Peel, two secret agents who fight crime with style. Sean Connery portrays Sir August DeWynter, an evil genius out to control the world with his high-tech weather machine. This madman poses quite a threat to mankind with his raging icestorms, scorching temperatures and mechanical buzz-bombing bees. But come cold, heat or dreaded plight, our two heroes never lose ther cool. Tea anyone?

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