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1990 - PG13 - 2:00
RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video
Directed by Penny Marshall
Robert DeNiro
Robin Williams
John Heard
Julie Kavner
Penelope Ann Miller
and Max Von Sydow

Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams star in this powerful, true story of a maverick doctor and the patients whose lives he changes. Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a shy research physician who uses an experimental drug to "awaken" the catatonic victims of a rare disease. DeNiro co-stars as Leonard, the first patient to recieve the controversial treatment. His awakening, filled with awe and enthusiasm, proves a rebirth for Sayer too, as the exuberant patient reveals life's simple - but unutterably sweet - pleasures to the introverted doctor. Encouraged by Leonard's stunning recovery, Sayer administers the drug to other patients. The story of their friendship during this emotional journey is a testament to both the tenderness of the human heart and the strength of the human soul.

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