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Boiling Point

1992 - R - 1:33
Warner Home Video
Directed by James B. Harris
Wesley Snipes
Dennis Hopper
Lolita Davidovich
Viggo Mortensen
and Dan Hedaya

They've got the guns they need. And a deadly plan. They're hitting the mob. A smooth-talking crime sleaze and his quick-fingered accomplice are not afraid of anyone. But they should be. Because they've crossed paths with Treasury Agent Jimmy Mercer, a cop who's reached his Boiling Point. Wesley Snipes (Passenger 57, Rising Sun) and Dennis Hopper (Blue Velvet) turn up the heat in this tightly wound police-action manhunt directed by James B. Harris (Cop) and based on a novel by Gerald Petievich (To Live And Die In L.A.). Snipes portrays Mercer, a no-nonsense agent who's tough, proud, married to his job...and not above stretching the law to smoke out his partner's killers. Hopper is Red, a scam artist looking for a last big score and running out of options. He'll play those options to the max. He could be playing into Mercer's hands.

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