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Children of the Revolution

1997 - R - 1:41
Miramax Home Entertainment
Directed by Peter Duncan
Judy Davis
Sam Neill
Richard Roxburgh
Rachel Griffiths
Geoffrey Rush
and F. Murray Abraham as Stalin

This outrageous comedy won outstanding critical acclaim for its wild humor and award-winning cast of stars! After a mad, passionate fling on a whirlwind trip to Moscow, party girl Joan Fraser (Judy Davis - Absolute Power) returns home pregnant. And when little Joe is born, everyone wonders who "Daddy" is! Soon, the ball starts rolling on a hilarious sequence of events that includes a clueless husband (Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush - 1996, Best Actor, Shine), a lovesick double agent (Sam Neill - Jurassic Park), and even Joseph Stalin himself (Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham - 1984, Best Actor, Amadeus)! Get ready for nonstop laughs in the madcap, all-star comedy that takes a wild look at...the ultimate party animals!

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