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Darkman II: The Return Of Durant

1994 - R - 1:33
MCA Universal Home Video
Directed by Bradford May
Larry Drake
Kim Delaney
Renee O'Connor
and Arnold Vosloo as Darkman

The crime-fighting master of disguise returns in this action-packed sequel to the hit motion picture. Hard Target's Arnold Vosloo stars as Darkman, and Larry Drake reprises his role as the sadistic villain Robert G. Durant. With the help of a fellow scientist, Dr. Peyton Westlake (a.k.a. "Darkman") is finally on the verge of discovering the secret to making him whole again. But a tragic turn of events causes him to relive the nightmare that disfigured him, leading Westlake/Darkman to the chilling realization that Durant, thought to be dead, is very much alive. He goes after Durant with a vengeance but soon finds his nemesis is nastier, greedier and more determined than ever to be the most powerful leader of the uderworld. Co-starring Kim Delaney, Darkman II: The Return Of Durant is filled with nonstop action, suspense and special effects which will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to startling finish.

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