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Deadly Surveillance

1991 - R - 1:32
Republic Pictures Home Video
Directed by Paul Ziller
Michael Ironside
Christopher Bondy
Susan Almgren
Vlasta Vrana
and David Carradine

When an uptown blonde comes between two detectives and a drug king, a routine investigation escalates into a high-stakes rendezvous with deception and danger in Deadly Surveillance. Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Extreme Prejudice) stars as Detective Rick Fender, a cop who's staking out the apartment of a suspected drug dealer when he discovers that his ex-partner Eddie Nickels (Christopher Bondy) is having a hot affair with the beautiful blonde who lives there. Under suspicion and under the gun, Nickels is forced by his Lieutenant to cooperate with Fender. But sparks fly as the lady in question keeps them on their toes and on the edge, playing one against the other in an ever-tightening triangle of seduction and manipulation. Nickels thinks she's innocent. Fender isn't betting his life on it. Together they're being sucked into an explosive vortex of corruption and murder where nothing is what it seems under Deadly Surveillance.

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