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Dear God

1996 - PG - 1:52
Directed by Garry Marshall
Greg Kinnear
Laurie Metcalf
Maria Pitillo
Tim Conway
Roscoe Lee Browne
Jon Seda
and Hector Elizondo

Special delivery for comedy fans! Greg Kinnear (Sabrina) stars in and Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman) directs this spirit-lifter about a money-scamming con artist who goes from no-good to doing good. That con artist is Tom Turner (Kinnear), whose transformation begins when a judge gives him a choice of work or prison. Tom chooses work, of course, and is assigned to a post office's Dead Letter Office. There, he begins a con of divine proportions. By responding to letters addressed to God with a few "miracles," he's in the right place to pocket any offerings mailed back. But an unexpected miracle takes place when the city starts cheering on Tom and his looney "God Squad" (featuring Tim Conway and Laurie Metcalf).

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