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The Delta Force

1986 - R - 2:05
Media Home Entertainment
Directed by Menahem Golan
Chuck Norris
Lee Marvin
Martin Balsam
Joey Bishop
Kim Delaney
Robert Forster
Lainie Kazan
George Kennedy
Hanna Schygulla
Susan Strasberg
Bo Svenson
Robert Vaughn
Shelley Winters

Swift and silent assault is their trade. Total mastery of commando warfare is their skill. They are America's elite strike team. They are The Delta Force! And they are led by Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin into the ultimate battle for freedom in this explosive action-epic! A fanatic band of ruthless terrorists hijacks a commercial jetliner full of American passengers. Landing in war-torn Beirut, the hijackers imprison their brutalized hostages in two heavily defended strongholds - while the world waits at their mercy. But for the Delta Force, waiting time is over! Armed with the latest technology in combat weaponry, the small anti-terrorist squad strikes with the awesome force of a full-scale army. For America is being held hostage by a legion of political criminals. And that means full-scale war!

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