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The Dentist 2
Brace Yourself

1998 - R - 1:38
Trimark Home Video
Directed by Brian Yuzna
Corbin Bernsen
Jillian McWhirter
Susanne Wright
with Clint Howard
and Linda Hoffman as Brooke

A trip to The Dentist isn't what it used to be... Years ago demented dentist Dr. Alan Feinstone (Corbin Bernsen) was sentenced to spend his life in a maximum security mental hospital. Now, he's escaped and determined to practice - AGAIN. Resettled in the tiny farm town of Paradise, the good Doctor conveniently disposes of the local dentist and he's Open For Business! Within moments of wielding a scalpel on his first patient, he is transformed into his former deranged self. The more patients Alan sees, the more brutal his cleaning techniques become. When a few residents suspect something peculiar about the town's new dentist, Alan vows to treat them all before they drill up his chilling past.

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