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Desert Bloom

1986 - PG - 1:43
RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video
Directed by Eugene Corr
Jon Voight
JoBeth Williams
Ellen Barkin
Allen Garfield
Annabeth Gish

Set against the dawn of the Atomic Age in 1950's Las Vegas, Desert Bloom is a powerful human drama, painting an unforgettable portrait of a fmily struggling to unite in an increasingly frightening world. Jon Voight is Jack Chismore, a volatile war veteran, fighting to overcome his personal demons while holding his family together; JoBeth Williams is his wife Lily, torn between the needs of her family and a secret vice that threatens the very foundation of her marriage; Annabeth Gish is Rose, a delicate girl on the threshold of adolescence, struggling to understand the adults surrounding her. Into this turbulent household comes Lily's sister Starr (Ellen Barkin), a sexy divorcee who becomes the unwitting catalyst in an explosive chain-reaction that rocks the Chismore family as surely - and irrevocably - as the A-bomb testing in the nearby desert. Sensitively directed, brilliantly acted and superbly written, Desert Bloom is a compelling study of a family's survival - and triumph - in a swiftly changing world.

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