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1992 - R - 1:50
Fox Video
Directed by Rick Rosenthal
Bryan Brown
Roma Downey
Lloyd Bridges

When a crusading mayoral candidate is assassinated in New York, Detective Frank Devlin (Bryan Brown) has more than a professional interest in the case; Devlin and the candidate's father (Lloyd Bridges) are bitter enemies. The investigation quickly takes a deadly turn when Devlin finds he's the fall guy in an elaborate set up, and is now the prime suspect in the killing. Double-crossed, pursued by both the police and the mob, Devlin must solve the murder before he becomes the next victim of a cover-up that extends to the very highest levels of the city's government. Filled with pulse-pounding action and driven by a plot right out of today's headlines, it's a relentless journey into a world of corruption, violence and suspense.

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