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Dirty Work

1998 - PG13 - 1:22
MGM Home Entertainment
Directed by Bob Saget
Norm MacDonald
Jack Warden
Artie Lange
Traylor Howard
Don Rickles
with Christopher McDonald
and Chevy Chase

If you like "irreverent acerbic humor" (San Diego Union Tribune), then you'll love Norm MacDonald (Saturday Night Live) in this outrageous screwball comedy about dishing out revenge - and making money at it! Life's not so great for Mitch Weaver (MacDonald) - he lost his 14th job in just three weeks, his girlfriend dumped him and now his best friend's dad (Jack Warden) needs a new heart! But the only way to arrange the transplant is to cut a deal with an unscrupulous surgeon (Chevy Chase) with a gambling problem - in other words, find $50,000 or the old man dies! With no jobs, all Mitch and his friend have to rely on is their only natural talent - Revenge! Whether its planting phony dead hookers in cars or stinking up a house with rotting fish, these "Revenge Specialists For Hire" are sick, low-down, dirty - and good! But when a multi-millionaire refuses to pay up after a job well-done, they make him realize just exactly who he's messing with - After all, getting even is their business! If you've ever wanted to get back at someone (and who hasn't?), then you'll be doubled over in stitches with the revengeful antics of Dirty Work!

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