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Dominick & Eugene

1988 - PG13 - 1:51
Orion Home Video
Directed by Robert M. Young
Tom Hulce
Ray Liotta
Todd Graff
Robert Levine
David Strathairn
and Jamie Lee Curtis

Dominick can't remember a time when he wasn't a little slow. But Eugene can. He remembers the night in their childhood when an accident left Dominick partially brain damaged. Ever since then, there's been a special bond between the twin brothers. Now they are on their own, living together in a working class neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Eugene is a medical student. And it's Dominick's job as a garbage collector that's putting Eugene through school. Dominick's friend Larry thinks he's crazy: "You put your brother through medical school and now he's gonna drop you like a rock." Dominick doesn't believe him. But when Eugene receives a coveted assignment at Stanford, Dominick panics. Armed with this information, he now sets out to perform an act of courage that could change their lives forever. Tom Hulce, Ray Liotta and Jamie Lee Curtis star in a powerful drama of brotherly love, sacrifice and devotion.

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