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The Don's Analyst (National Lampoon's)

1997 - R - 1:43
Directed by David Jablin
Kevin Pollack
Robert Loggia
Joseph Bologna
Angie Dickinson
Sherilyn Fenn
Ricky Aiello
Robert Cicchini
Joe Flaherty
Lucy Webb

An all-star cast highlights this hilarious comedy about two rival mob families and the questionable sanity of their leaders. Don Vito (Robert Loggia) is the head of the most disorganized crime family in New York: his wife Victoria is leaving him; his sons are too inept to take over his business; and his chief rival is after his territory and his wife. Don Vito believes he's losing his mind and decides to go legit - but his sons have other ideas. They think all father needs is a little therapy, so they kidnap Dr. Riceputo (Kevin Pollack), a meek psychiatrist whose own life is falling apart, for the job. For everyone involved, the real craziness is just beginning!

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