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Fair Game

1995 - R - 1:31
Warner Home Video
Directed by Andrew Sipes
William Baldwin
Cindy Crawford
Steven Berkoff
Christopher McDonald

If Kate and Max itch, the killers after them know where to scratch. If they order pizza, slip into a hotel or go online, high-tech surveillance equipment instantly pinpoints them. The killers are sure the two have met their match. It's a match, all right: one to light a hellfire of retaliation. The action's hot and the clinches are steamy in Fair Game, a thrill-upon-thrill adventure pairing supermodel Cindy Crawford as Miami attorney Kate McQuean and William Baldwin (Sliver) as homicide cop Max Kirkpatrick, determined to protect Kate when she's targeted by an ex-KGB operative (Steven Berkoff) and his commandos. Megahit producer Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard) and first-time feature director Andrew Sipes craft the movie equivalent of a perpetual motion machine. Explosions boil up to the sky, a car chase becomes a freeway pinball game and helicopters, humming electronics and a roaring train deliver more slam for your bam. Kate and Max are on the run. Buckle up for the movie that keeps up with them.

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