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A Family Matter

1990 - R - 1:40
Vidmark Entertainment
Directed by Stuart Margolin
Eric Roberts
Carol Alt
Burt Young
Nick Mancuso
Thomas Calabro
Marcie Leeds
Victor Argo
Billy Barty
and Serena Grandi
with the participation of Eli Wallach in the role of Latella

This powerful saga of murder and destiny is set in motion when a little girl witnesses the murder of her father in a botched mob hit. Protected by the Don who should have died, she grows to womanhood, her beauty surpassed only by her obsession for vengeance. Eric Roberts and supermodel Carol Alt star in this epic tale whose settings stretch from the violent streets of New York to sundrenched Sicily. Eli Wallach plays the Godfather who can control everything but a young woman's heart. Burt Young is his loyal consigliare. Passion, violence and intrigue swirl in equal measure as gangster battles gangster, and love battles revenge for an unforgettable climax.

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