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1993 - R - 2:02
Warner Home Video
Directed by Peter Weir
Jeff Bridges
Isabella Rossellini
Rosie Perez
with Tom Hulce
and John Turturro

San Francisco architect Max Klein can see clearly now. He knows that life is too precious, time is too short for all the pettiness and anger that clutters our days. He's been transformed ever since he stared death in the face - and discovered he was unafraid. Peter Weir (Witness) directs Fearless, the vivid story of how a near-death experience impacts the lives of three people. Jeff Bridges (The Fisher King) plays Max, more wildly alive and taking more risks than ever since he survived a plane crash. Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet) is Laura, struggling to find in Max the man she married. And Rosie Perez (White Men Can't Jump), 1993 Academy Award nominee and Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago Film Critics Award winner as Best Supporting Actress, is fellow crash survivor Carla: alive, yet devastated by a grievous loss. It seems that no one can heal her pain. But then she meets the one person who fearlessly knows how.

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