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Fern Gully II:
The Magical Rescue

1997 - G - 1:15
CBS Fox Video
Written by Richard Tulloch

The magic, fun and adventure return! Welcome back to the magical rain forest of FernGully. Batty Koda, Crysta, Pips and the Beetle Boys return in a new animated full-length musical, full of all the fun and adventure that made FernGully: The Last RainForest so special. All is well in FernGully until the day a group of humans comes in and captures three baby animals under Crysta's care. Now the babies' only hope is for Pips, Batty and the Beetle Boys to venture into the great unknown -- the town where the humans live. With the help of a young girl named Budgie and her Grandpa, the small yet heroic rescuers embark on the ultimate adventure to save their friends before they are smuggled away forever.

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