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The Fiance

1997 - R - 1:34
Live Entertainment
Directed by Martin Kitrosser
William R. Moses
Lysette Anthony
Patrick Cassidy
Wanda Acuna
Alina Thompson
Devon Michael
Gordon Thompson

A young wife's indiscretion kindles a murderous obsession in this pulse-pounding suspense-thriller, starring William R. Moses, Lysette Anthony and Patrick Cassidy. Convinced her husband is cheating on her, Faith Moore succumbs to temptation - and spends a passionate night with a total stranger, architect Walter Kane. But by the time Faith realizes she's made a mistake, it's too late. Because when Walter falls in love, it's forever. And when anyone gts in his way, it's fatal. Now, as Walter efficiently eliminates everyone who threatens his twisted "love" for her, Faith is about to learn that breaking up is more than hard to's murder!

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