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Final Analysis

1992 - R - 2:05
Warner Home Video
Directed by Phil Joanou
Richard Gere
Kim Basinger
Uma Thurman
Eric Roberts

Psychiatrist Isaac Barr is a noted expert in his field...and a novice in the ways of his own heart. That's why he's the perfect patsy. He's the fall guy in a devious scheme of murder and inheritance - and his fall could be straight down, from atop a towering lighthouse. Richard Gere and Kim Basinger, handcuffed to each other in No Mercy, now terrorize each other on a lighthouse catwalk in Final Analysis, a gripping, masterful update of the complex psychological thrillers of yesteryear. Working from a suspenseful script by Wesley Strick (Cape Fear, Arachnophobia), director Phil Joanou (State Of Grace) uncovers sultry evil, murder, sex or white-knuckle surprise around each turn. The mood is sinister from the start: Barr (Gere) breaches professional ethics by romancing the luscious sister (Basinger) of a troubled client (Uma Thurman). Thrillers are exciting enough with one black widow. The irresistible - maybe even inescapable - when two spin their web.

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