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Fires Within

1991 - R - 1:30
MGM/UA Home Video
Directed by Gillian Armstrong
Jimmy Smits
Greta Scacchi
Vincent D'Onofrio

Miami's Little Havana comes alive in this smoldering tale of one man's fight to regain the love of his family. After spending eight years as a political prisoner in Fidel Castro's Cuba, Nestor (Jimmy Smits, L.A. Law) is released by Castro's regime. He heads to Miami, where his estranged wife (Greta Scacchi, Presumed Innocent) and daughter have emigrated. But eight years is a long time, and things have changed: his daughter doesn't remember him and his wife has fallen in love with someone else (Vincent D'Onofrio, Full Metal Jacket). So, when the local Cubans try to reignite his passion for justice in their homeland, he must decide if his love for his family is as strong as his love for his country. With a Latin soundtrack that keeps the rhythm of the story moving at an irresistible pace, Fires Within is a universally appealing film with a socially conscious theme about the struggle people have when their lives are ruled by injustice.

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