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The Fixer

1998 - NR - 1:45
Artisan Entertainment
Directed by Charles Robert Carner
Jon Voight
Brenda Bakke

Oscar-winner Jon Voight (Mission:Impossible, The Rainmaker) delivers an electrifying performance as a corrupt political kingpin battling demons of his murderous past in this high-intensity underworld thriller. For a select group of clients from Mafia godfathers to civic leaders, legendary "fixer" Jack Killoran (Voight) is the ultimate behind-the-scenes troubleshooter. When a discreet bribe is needed, when an inconvenient body isn't, Killoran is the man who cleans up the problems and keeps the secrets. Then, a frightening brush with mortality forces Jack to re-examine his unsavory life - and to wonder for the first time if he has the courage to change it. But as his political and Mafia "friends" make ominously clear, in Killoran's line of work...retirement isn't an option. A gripping journey into underworld suspense, vengeance and redemption from the Academy Award-winning producer of The Sting and Taxi Driver.

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