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1996 - R - 1:38
MGM/UA Home Video
Directed by Kevin Hooks
Laurence Fishburne
Stephen Baldwin
Will Patton
John Burke
and Salma Hayek

Two dangerously mismatched convicts are thrown into a wild race to outwit, outrun and outgun vicious enemies on both sides of the law in this blistering, high-impact action-thriller! After a hair-raising escape from a prison chain gang, convicts Piper (Laurence Fishburne) and Dodge (Stephen Baldwin) find themselves handcuffed together and at each others' throats. Relentlessly hunted through the Georgia wilderness, the reluctant allies fight their way into the urban underground of Atlanta, battling the authorities - and each other - all the way. But when Dodge's connection to $25 million in stolen loot attracts mob assassins as well as corrupt government officials, the action is propelled to a deadly new dimension...suddenly, everyone wants Dodge and Piper dead! With no place to hide, and everything to lose, the two embark on a blazing, take-no-prisoners quest to secure the one thing that holds the key to their survival: a computer disk that could blow the lid off of a high-level scam. Rocking with head-spinning stunts and non-stop action, Fled plunges you into the most outrageous, high-speed adventure ever to ignite the screen!

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