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1996 - PG - 1:36
MCA Universal Home Video
Directed by Alan Shapiro
Paul Hogan
Elijah Wood
Chelsea Field
Isaac Hayes
Jonathan Banks

What starts out to be a bummer of a summer for a rebelious teenage boy turns into one of the most action-packed vacations of his life. Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood star in this exciting all-new Flipper family adventure hit. When Sandy (Wood) is sent to the Florida Keys to stay with his salty Uncle Porter (Hogan), he never dreamed he'd become best mates with a feisty, orphaned dolphin whose life he saved. Sandy and Flipper get into some high seas antics and thrilling escapades, fighting dangerous enemies and making new friends. Sandy's special relationship with Flipper helps clear the decks for a closer bond with his well-meaning uncle, and a whole new outlook on his own life. Flipper is a splashy tidal wave of family entertainment based on the popular '60s TV series. It combines action-filled underwater photography with an exciting and emotion-charged story.

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