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Free Willy 2:
The Adventure Home

1995 - PG - 1:38
Warner Home Video
Directed by Dwight Little
Jason James Richter
August Schellenberg
Jayne Atkinson
Jon Tenney
Elizabeth Pena
Mykelti Williamson
and Michael Madsen

The fun and excitement are back - and so is Willy! The 7,000-pound whale who captured the world's imagination returns in a thrilling all-family adventure hailed by critics as better than Free Willy. Back, too, is Willy's friend Jesse (Jason James Richter). Now a teenager, Jesse has settled into life with his adoptive parents, has an eye for girls and copes with his feisty half-brother Elvis. He never expects to see Willy again. But during a Pacific Northwest vacation trip, Jesse meets a special girl and to his delight, encounters Willy and his family! But when a tanker runs aground and spills oil into the harbor, the whales are trapped - and the danger gets critical when the oil ignites. Jesse and Willy's reunion suddenly becomes a desperate bid to survive. To save Willy's family, Jesse must brave a sea of flame - and hope that Willy will be there to rescue him right back.

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