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Friends, Lovers & Lunatics

1989 - R - 1:27
Fries Home Video
Directed by Stephen Withrow
Daniel Stern
Sheila McCarthy
Elias Koteas
Damir Andrei
Page Fletcher as Buddy
and Deborah Foreman as Annie

Daniel Stern (Diner, Little Monsters) stars as Matt, an off-beat artist who loses his girlfriend Kathy to an inflexible and conservative college professor. Matt refuses to let go and follows Kathy and her new boyfriend Harry on a weekend camping trip. Things become even more complicated when Matt hooks up with Annie, played by Deborah Foreman (Valley Girl, My Chauffeur), who has stolen her boyfriend's motorcycle and is on the run. Comic chaos abounds when Annie's demented boyfriend shows up in search of his motorcycle and finds Kathy and mild-mannered Harry instead.

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