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How To Make An American Quilt

1995 - PG13 - 1:57
MCA Universal Home Video
Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse
Winona Ryder
Anne Bancroft
Ellen Burstyn
Kate Nelligan
Alfre Woodard
Maya Angelou
Kate Capshaw
Loren Dean
Samantha Mathis
Dermot Mulroney
Derrick O'Connor
James Rebhorn
Jean Simmons
Lois Smith
Rip Torn
Mykelti Williamson

Winona Ryder shines in a deeply moving and touchingly funny film from Amblin Entertainment. Berkeley graduate student Finn (Ryder) is spending the summer at the home of her sparring grandmother and great aunt (Oscar winners Ellen Burstyn and Anne Bancroft). Their house is a quiet haven where Finn intends to finish her latest thesis and think over a marriage proposal. But when she meets sexy, smoldering Leon, things begin to get complicated. As she wrestles with her decision, the women in her grandmother's quilting bee confide to her the stories of the loves that shaped their own lives. Also starring Maya Angelou, Kate Nelligan, Jean Simmons, Lois Smith and Aldre Woodard, How To Make An American Quilt brings unbridled passion, true love, betrayal, joy and heartbreak vividly to life in a captivating cinematic tapestry that celebrates finding your way and following your heart.

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