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1987 - PG - 2:00
Warner Home Video
Directed by Joe Dante
Dennis Quaid
Martin Short
Meg Ryan
Kevin McCarthy
Fiona Lewis
Henry Gibson

Jack Putter feels a little funny today. That's nothing new to a guy who's a 25-hour-a-day borderline hypochondriac. What's new is that now Jack hears something. "I'm possessed!" he cries.
And you're about to be possessed with laughter. Because Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante, the flimmaking team that helped make Gremlins such a howlingly hilarious great-time hit, have once again revved their imaginations into overdrive. The result is Innerspace, the adventure-comedy whose deliriously inventive laughs, spectacularly unexpected excitement and awesome special effects wizardry add up to downright, out-of-sight FUN.
No, the voice Jack (Martin Short - Three Amigos!) hears isn't coming from a fiendish spirit. It's coming from hotshot Navy pilot Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid - The Right Stuff, The Big Easy and Suspect), the subject of a Top Secret miniaturization project that's gone haywire. Tuck's been accidentally injected into Jack's Innerspace. And before frazzled Jack can say "I've got you under my skin," his unlikely blood brother has him tearing into a demento boogie of Twistin' the Night Away - and tearing off on the craziest adventure of his life.

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