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KGB: The Secret War

1986 - PG13 - 1:30
Continental Video
Directed by Dwight Little
Michael Billington
Denise DuBarry
Michael Ansara
Walter Gotell
and Sally Kellerman

"Today's headlines become one of the most exciting films of our times." FACT: More than half a million Soviet K.G.B. agents are currently operating throughout the Free World, with the highest concentration in the United States. FACT: While U.S. intelligence is extremely good at procuring information from the Soviet Union by electronic means, it is not as good at human recruitment as is the K.G.B.... Michael Billington (The Spy Who Loved Me), Sally Kellerman (Back To School, M*A*S*H), Walter Gotell (A View To A Kill) and Denise DuBarry (The Devil And Max Devlin) star in this high action, suspenseful and intriguing thriller based on actual characters and incidents involving K.G.B. operations in the United States. Billington, as a defecting K.G.B. agent living in the U.S.; Kellerman, as the U.S. Defense Security Agent who enlists his support in obtaining lists of American companies selling secrets to the Soviet Union; Gotell as the K.G.B. station chief who'll stop at nothing to prevent Billington from defecting; and DuBarry, as Billington's unsuspecting accomplice. Hailed by The Hollywood Reporter as a likely successor to George Lucas, Dwight Little directs a motion picture that blends with today's shocking espionage headlines from around the world. KGB: The Secret War emerges as a timely, exciting and sometimes shocking expose of Soviet operations enhanced by the dramatic story of one man caught in the web of international hostilities and intrigue.

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