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Love Potion #9

1992 - PG-13 - 1:37
Fox Video
Directed by Dale Launer
Tate Donovan
Sandra Bullock
Dale Midkiff

Dale Launer made his directing debut with Love Potion #9. Previously, he had written the hit films Ruthless People, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and My Cousin Vinny. Though Love Potion #9 was released in 1992, the film was actually shot in 1990, making it one of the first leading roles for star Sandra Bullock. In this charming romantic comedy, a brilliant but lonely biochemist (Tate Donovan) gets a mysterious potion from a gypsy who guarantees it will turn his life around. After showing it to his co-worker (Sandra Bullock), a shy animal psychobiologist, they achieve amorous results in a chimpanzee experiment. Now the only way to see if it works on humans is to test it on themselves.

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