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Mad City

1997 - PG13 - 1:55
Warner Brothers
Directed by Costa Gavras
Dustin Hoffman
John Travolta
Alan Alda
Mia Kirshner
Ted Levine
with Robert Prosky
and Blythe Danner

A freeway pursuit. A domestic spat gone over the edge. You're watching it live at home, news as it happens. But wait a minute. Is the reporter on your TV screen shaping the story, extending its life, making it happen? Dustin Hoffman and John Travolta team with award-winning filmmaker Costa-Gavras in a fierce tale of ratings-driven TV news gone mad. Travolta is Sam, a misguided museum guard who loses his job, then tries to get it back at gunpoint. Hoffman is Max, a local TV reporter taken hostage with a group of schoolchildren when Sam locks down the museum. It's a desperate move for Sam, a career move for Max. He's on the inside of a live exclusive. Now all he has to do is give Sam's story a heroic spin, keep a headline-grabbing network anchor (Alan Alda) at bay and above all, keep America watching. And as Max pulls the strings even tighter, the stakes grow higher, darker, madder.

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