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Mad Max

1979 - R - 1:33
Goodtimes Home Video
Directed by George Miller
Mel Gibson
Joanne Samuel
Hugh Keays-Byrne
Tim Burns
Roger Ward

Mel Gibson sizzles in this cult classic that made him an international superstar. It is sometime in the near future. The interstate highways have become white-line nightmares, the stage for a strange death game between nomad bikers and a handful of cops in supercharged cars with an abundance of weaponry. Weary of the carnage, top cop Max (Gibson) resigns from the force to travel cross-country with his wife and child. But just as the dark memories of the past are erased, a chance meeting with a renegade band of cyclists starts Max on a path of explosive vengeance. A brilliant mix of action and emotion, Mad Max brings a hazy vision of an apocalyptic world into stark, startling focus.

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