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1998 - PG13 - 1:27
Touchstone Home Video
Directed by Jim Abrahams
Jay Mohr
Lloyd Bridges
Olympia Dukakis
Christina Applegate
Billy Burke

An epic saga of disorganized crime! Taking aim at Hollywood's greatest gangster films, Mafia! is the hilarious comedy spoof that packs all the laughs you'd expect from the hit-making director of Airplane! and Hot Shots! In this sidesplitting saga of disorganized crime's most dysfunctional family, legendary star Lloyd Bridges rules the underworld as the ruthless, powerful...and ceaselessly clumsy...Godfather Vincenzo Cortino. When the time comes to choose the next Don Cortino, however, a riotous rivalry breaks out between his two sons: one a war hero (handsome Jay Mohr - Jerry Maguire, Picture Perfect) and the other a raving psychotic! Also starring sexy Christina Applegate (Married With Children, Mars Attacks!) in an outrageously funny cast - you'll happily die laughing with this dead-on mobster movie parody that offers entertainment you can't refuse!

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