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Magnificent Obsession

1954 - NR - 1:48
MGM/Universal Home Video
Directed by Douglas Sirk
Jane Wyman
Rock Hudson
Barbara Rush
Agnes Moorehead
Otto Kruger
Gregg Palmer

Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman star as bitterswet lovers brought together by tragic circumstances in this second film version of Lloyd C. Douglas' powerful best seller. This stylish Ross Hunter production established Hudson as a major star, and won Wyman an Oscar nomination. Bob Merrick (Rock Hudson) is an irresponsible playboy who causes the widowhood and blindness of a beautiful woman named Helen Phillips (Jane Wyman). After a later encounter with Helen, who doesn't recognize his voice, Merrick decides to dedicate his life to becoming a surgeon to try to cure her blindness. Lavish color photography by Russell Metty, a heart-wrenching Frank Skinner score and outstanding supporting performances from Babara Rush, Agnes Moorehead, and Otto Kruger help make Magnificent Obsession a four handkerchief fan's classic.

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