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Major League

1989 - R - 1:47
Directed by David S. Ward
Tom Berenger
Charlie Sheen
Corbin Bernsen
Margaret Whitton
Wesley Snipes
David Keith
Omar Epps
James Gammon
Rene Russo
and Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle

She's beautiful, smart, goal-oriented, and she just inherited the Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately, she wants to move the franchise to Miami, and a losing season is her only ticket to Florida. So she signs the wildest gang of screwballs that ever spit tobacco. They're handsome, but they're hopeless! Her catcher (Tom Berenger) is a washed-up womanizer who struck out in life. Her ace pitcher (Charlie Sheen) is a punked-out crazy who struck out with the law. And her third baseman (Corbin Bernsen) is more concerned about fielding endorsements than grounders. Throw in a busload of other misfits and you've got yourself a hilarious line-up that's destined for disaster. Or is it?

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