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The Man Who Knew Too Little

1997 - PG - 1:34
Directed by Jon Amiel
Bill Murray
Peter Gallagher
Joanne Whalley
Richard Wilson
and Alfred Molina

Wallace Ritchie, an American vacationer in London, doesn't know that the bullets are real and the truth serum true. He thinks the intrigue erupting around him is part of an audience-participation theater event. Yet the world's fate depends on this gullible goofus who can't even spell CIA. Funnyman Bill Murray is Ritchie, the naive spy who comes in very bold. With deadpan wit, Ritchie blissfully treads into a dead serious realm. He can't believe how believable the make-believe seems. But as Ritchie's hilarious cloak-and-dagger experiences with agents, a femme fatale, a corpse, highway pursuits (lesson #1: drive on the left), assassins and a ticking bomb amply prove, variety isn't just the spice of life. It's the life of spies.

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