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Married to the Mob

1988 - R - 1:44
Orion Home Video
Directed by Jonathan Demme
Michelle Pfeiffer
Matthew Modine
Dean Stockwell
Mercedes Ruehl
Joan Cusack Nancy Travis
Alec Baldwin

Mafia princess, Angela DeMarco (Michelle Pfeiffer) wants out. Everything she owns is either stolen or permanently borrowed. Her seven year old son is running petty cons in the backyard. And her husband, hitman Frank "The Cucumber" DeMarco (Alec Baldwin) is taking bubble baths with the boss' bimbo. An activity Tony "The Tiger" Russo (Dean Stockwell) pulls the plug on...permanently. With Frank dead, Angela decides it's time to divorce "the mob" and start a new life. But what she doesn't realize is once you're married to the mob, it's until death do you part...usually yours. Tony "The Tiger" is dying to get his paws on her. Jealous Mafia wives can't keep their claws off her. And the FBI are watching her every move in the hopes of breaking up "the Family." When Angela finds out she's fallen for a secret FBI agent (Matthew Modine), she's more than "Fed up." This hilarious comedy is proof it's no honeymoon being Married To The Mob.

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