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1992 - PG13 - 1:52
Hemdale Home Video
Directed by Paul Hunt
Peter Phelps
Richard Lynch
James Hong
and introducing Nadia Cameron as Christy
Ted Markland
Rodney Wood
and Desmond Llewelyn as Dr. Mycroft

Plunge into a vortex of timeless magic and breathtaking sorcery in this special-effects-filled fantasy adventure for the entire family! In a remote California town, beautiful young reporter Christy Lake is stunned to discover her true destiny. As the reincarnated daughter of the legendary magician Merlin, it is her eternal duty to protect the awesome Sword of Power from Pendragon, the wicked sorcerer who would use the Sword's cosmic powers to conquer the Earth. Now aided by an ancient sage, a handsome warrior-guardian and the dazzling wizardry of Merlin himself, Christy embarks on a spectacular, magical quest to thwart Pendragon's evil - and keep time itself from being destroyed!

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