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Michael Collins

1996 - R - 2:13
Warner Home Video
Directed by Neil Jordan
Liam Neeson
Aidan Quinn
Stephen Rea
Alan Rickman
and Julia Roberts

Michael Collins, the man and the movie, stands tall. The man is a hero whose fighting tactics became a model for other 20th-century struggles, a statesman who negotiated Ireland's break with England, a political matyr slain for the great cause he lived and breathed. The movie is an epic triumph "as brave and heartfelt as Braveheart" (Jack Mathews, Newsday). "I will never make a more important film," Academy Award winner Neil Jordan (1992, Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen, The Crying Game) says. Only time will tell if he makes a more exciting one. Michael Collins roils with the passions of war furiously waged and peace desperately sought. Liam Neeson (winner of the Venice Film Festival Best Actor Award) plays the title role. Aidan Quinn, Stephen Rea, Alan Rickman and Julia Roberts also deliver vivid performances. They, Jordan and a superb behind-the-cameras team make Michael Collins a man and a movie you won't soon forget.

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